behind this smiling face..

of selfish-ness..

of uncertainty-ness..

of growing up pains..

of learning to forgive and forget..

of believing in karma..

of choosing what’s right..

of making mistakes..

of getting involved..

of getting dramatic..

of being stubborn..

of loving..

:: i know i’m not doing the right thing but i don’t know why i can’t stop even as to where i get this force ::

:: c-11 >> girls i’m quite losing my grip on everything i’m holding..can’t wait to see you guys ::

:: d girls >> get mad at me..i deserve it..and thank you for being with me ::

:: ariff & amir >> say sth good to me plz ::

*cry..for the melody is unchained..*

12 thoughts on “behind this smiling face..

    1. i will poms..thanx anyway..you wouldn’t believe it’s my story if i tell u about it..huhu..

    1. aku xtau aku takut sgt kot smpai takut tu yg hurt aku..or mmg aku dh btol2 hurt..ahhhh~!!! tekanan..haha..sendri crk psl btol la aku ni..

    1. it’s more complicated than wut u think it is..i’ll tell about it when d time is right..i need more time to sort things out..but thanx for ur concern.. 🙂

  1. c yuyu, everyone cares about u. jd jgn tensi2. problems dtg untuk mematangkan. stay calm. talk out. jgn simpan. i’m right behind ya. =)

    1. yes farah i can see that..and i’m so grateful for that..and He’s being so kind and merciful to me that even in times when a few things get difficult, He make some other things easy for me..thanx for being with me poms.. 🙂

  2. Stay put and stop worrying.

    Now the kick ass sentence
    “You are a strong, independent woman.” – (twilight)


    1. yes amir u’re the man~! haha..i worried too much..that’s the source to my every woes..now i can see why..u seem to know me better than i do myself..even twilight is a bit yesteryear now..em..but u made my day! yay~! *tros internalize the ‘strong’-ness and independent-ness* thanx amir 🙂

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