true, don’t you think..?

something has just distracted me and i so feel like sharing that thought so here i am writing it to you (instead of completing the essay that i have to submit say..in less than 15hours)..

it just gets me to thinking..how some people use blogs, facebook, twitter..bla bla bla (to name a few) as a means of getting the attention that they couldn’t get from the target party..or, just to keep them distracted from thinking how they can attract one’s attention..however, they just ended up fishing for attention using a different means..

how the art of berterus terang has now been abandoned..sengaja atau malu atau memang dah tak tahu..?may be we can put the blame on our culture..for not making berterus terang an explicit practice..and for no reason, i just think it encourages people to tell lies..i don’t know~

4 thoughts on “true, don’t you think..?

  1. oh well,
    the millenials :it’s all about me kn.
    everyone think that they are important.
    that the world will end soon if they didnt update their FB status, twitter etc!!
    self-obsessed twats i must say
    but then again, i too, own a blog and accounts to all these sites.
    there’s a line to draw from being too attached to the media and keeping it real.
    regarding the telling lies part, maybe, they just put up a different identity in the cyber world,
    you know,
    like you only put up good, edited pictures of yourself eventhough you dont look that awesome outside? (not YOU, everyone in general ok)
    identity is fluid.
    everyone has different identities (revision utk exam socio ak).
    in other words, sup yu?
    y so serious?

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