he said..

i wish i could say this to my lecturer but i think if i were to say it, i’ll not be the first person ever who says it..to my dear linguistics lecturer (i don’t want to mention his name because he might find this someday because he’s so active looking for google hits for words like bacterium, bacteria, syllabus, syllabuses, syllabi etc)..ok i’ve gone long winded..to my dear linguistics lecturer, as much as i hate myself for trying to trick you, i also hate to say this but you’re truely a genius!

i had to analyse a few languages from different parts of the world and one of the ten languages i analysed was french (naah~~i don’t speak french..pardonnez moi)..yes, there were TEN of them and trust me i was an inch close to getting insane in finishing that assignment..so in that assignment i needed to find the word ordering of each language and related it to morphological universals bla bla bla (i’ll spare the details)..i didn’t know how to describe it dramatically but after going through more than 20 books and ariticles and journals, i just couldn’t be bothered in getting the right data..as long as i had something to write in the essay and it helped me with my word counts, i’d just typed it in the word processor..i was looking for an example of a sentence (in French) that followed the SVO ordering..the sentences that i found that time just didn’t agree to that criterion because some of them didn’t have the verb, some didn’t have the subject or object and i went furious for not finding any..

so i chose one of the sentences and the sentence meant ‘your majesty will leave when the queen comes’..looking at its translation, your majesty=subject, leave=verb and queen can be the object of the sentence..i was quite convinced though i doubt my lecturer would accept it because it might not sound as SVO to him as it sounded to me..

and all my doubts were confirmed when i received my assignment this morning..the example i gave had no direct object in it and had an adverbial clause instead..for God’s sake..it’s in French! could you please excuse me for making that small error..? (T_T) haha..

moral of the stories : don’t try to cheat your linguistics lecturer..they speak more than 3 languages that’s why they’re called a linguists..owh he said this “theories are not God-given and it’s created by human so it’s WRONG!—with a strong stress” and i’m so happy to hear that.. 🙂 it’s not that they’re hard to remember, i just refuse to memorize it because it’s wrong.. :p

15 thoughts on “he said..

  1. oh my, i can’t agree with u more.

    i despise linguistics!! and having the same reason as that of urs!


    don’t i just love ur lecturer?

    1. tp poms..aku SUKE gle linguistics~! major aku LINGUISTICS..sbb lecturer aku b’jye m’impresskn aku..maka aku pn brangan ingin m’jd spt bliau satu ketika nnti..*which is impossible la..ckp melayu pn sepah2* i wish ko knal lecturer aku ni poms..owh aku tlah memfemeskn bliao..

      p/s: aku masih xbleh trima ko major in literature..ko sdar x poms..?

  2. hahaha. jgn ckp cmtu yu.

    the q goes back to u la.

    “ko nak major lingu? ko sdar x yu??”


    begantung kepade ape passion ko la k.

    sume org lain2. nasib aku xpenah baik lam lingu. tu yg aku fed up tu.

    1. aku tau ko suke bace2 buku..lagu pn beetles..beegees..maka wajar lah ko amek LIT itu..nsb aku pn xpnah baik in LIT..may b kte ditakdirkn utk complement each other..owh suweeetny kte ni poms~!!!

        1. ye la BEATLES..aku tau keta volkswagon beetles tu..ingtkn ejaan same..xtau beatles2 i wanno hold ur hand ni~~~hahaha..

  3. i learnt all this svo thing in my semantics class last semester. it was horrible! ko bru buat 10 sentences. aku kene satu artikel from newsweek mag. darn. plus i got C for it. hedious!

    1. owh..bkn 10 sentences poms..10 different languages..xsemua plak tu word order same..owh..last yr LIT aku dpt C jgak poms..bkn C+ ok..bwh lg..C.. (T_T)

  4. farah: linguistic sucks (sori yu!!) but i bet u would LOVE our lecturer too. he’s adorable in a weird way. haha. and he’s such a great lecturer. but yeah, he’s amazing. the subject,…. errr… not really? haha
    say YES to literature! go farah go go!!*tbe2*

    yuyu: sile teruskn utk memajukn diri dlm ling!!
    laurie bauer sungguh hebat! pheewittt

    1. aku sungguh b’usaha utk tidak mnyebut name bliao tp ko tlah mnyebutny..cis ko cik sha~!!! aku patut boldkn part aku xnk mention name bliao tu..

      p/s: harus la ko bekap pompongan..korg dua same je..poms! cik sha torture aku aritu..dgr lagu beatles..lagu 64 years amende th..dgn i wanno hold your hand..pastu die skolah kn aku psl the meaning and HISTORY of the songs hokeh~!!! korg dua org ni patut jd pngerusi kelab pendengar lagu2 veteran..


  5. kahkahkah, i byk misread facts lam entry ko dis tym. anyway, aku tawu sha mmg puak2 aku. die tawu sume buku, lagu yg org lain xtawu tp aku tawu. cece. ape aku merepek ni. sile cube phm. haha. yep sha. go go lit!

    lecturer linguistics aku pun mantap gile kot, graduate linguistics from cambridge. tp she gave us too much info because to her, every single thing is important smpai we felt that we need to rendam her brain than only we can understand all. tp she’s damn good. skang dh g germany wat diploma german language before she balik uk balik smbg phd kat cambridge tu. and she’s only 27. brilliant gile. tp tula, aku xdpt grab sume lingu2 knowledge tu. haiya. what a waste kan. good luck yu. be the best in ur major. aku tawu ko boleh.

    to sha, cheers *smbil mengangkat gelas berisi mirinda oren dan toast*. kite truskan lit kite, kate org, subject of passion. lolzz.

    1. there’s just so much to write..haha..tp basically linguistics=scientific study of languages..as in languages, not only english..it focuses on english sbb kt sini d medium is english..tp in analysing let say the morphological//syntax//phonetics//sociolinguistics parts of the languages, (phew..plurals are everywhere here) we look at as many languages as possible..(mn2 yg berkaitan je la..xtau mcm mn certain languages tu dipilih sbg berkait..tau2 kne analyse d language)..it’s fun..

      for example, what is James (name org putih) in French or German or Greek..
      pastu..what is the plural form for medium..what is the past participle for strive or dive..you might say striven but why sometimes you hear people say strived..?and dive..salu kte guna dived..but some people used dove..so mn satu yg betul..?and things like suffixes..for example dutchess & development..you know well kn they both are suffixes..tp tau x ade suffixes yg learned from other languages..and ade yg mmg natively owned..blaja jugak la drp mn the suffixes are learned..and where it can be positioned in learned and native root word pulak..mnarik kn..? 🙂 *at least for me..hehe..* hopefully you understand all these adinda..

    1. 🙂 ye k.syahirah..kne la jugak bace2 that much of buku..sbb i needed to analyse 10 languages..so konon2 2 buku for each language..tp xde la bace semua contents of the book..bace mn yg nk guna utk jwb soalan essay je 🙂

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