this blog has been abandoned for quite a while uh..have i been that busy..?practically i did..but basically i was just being lazy to write 🙂 what happened to my interest to write right now..?em..may be i’m not so interested in writing anymore..at least for now..

i’ve been having enough time to follow my favourite tv series and recently i’ve added korean into the list and yes, i watched a few korean series..thanks to a few friends who introduced me with korean tv series that i got addicted and couldn’t be bothered to do anything else but to finish the series..man~i’ve been swarmed with a lot of false realities now..

em, enough with tv series..i’ll be going back to Malaysia by 17th, and before that, i’ll spend some fun time in auckland, brisbane and goldcoast..hopefully things will run smoothly and yay! i miss you malaysia..wait for me~!

p/s: begum, ko jgn lmbt ok..aku smpai 9.40mlm..kt klia..flight aku dr brunei..


5 thoughts on “next..?

  1. have a safe flight yu!
    kalu ko nk bwk balik cd ak tu sile2kanla
    ak xnk tgk pun lg
    jgn rosakkn sudey
    have fun have fun have fun!
    c u nxt yr!
    oh c u at gc kalu terserempak :p

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