365-my travelogue

i’ve been making quite a few journeys this year and i would like to share some of the good things that i found along the way..it started in Sydney in February, Melbourne in April, Singapore, Frankfurt, Belgrade, Budapest, Romania, Vienna and Shanghai in June and July, Auckland, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Brunei in November..

and now i believe, that the world is very different at its different side..i was a solo traveller for almost all of the journeys and God knew how i was terrified each time i wanted to start a journey..

there was this time when i was traveling from Vienna to Frankfurt and i should be catching up a flight to Shanghai at Frankfurt airport..the transit time was only 30 minutes and i was rushing to the departure terminal from the arrival terminal..i started to freak out because i’ve been walking for a long distance but i haven’t reached the departure terminal yet..when i first arrived in Frankfurt, Ms. Lim and Imtiyas were there to guide me around the airport! and when i entered the departure hall, there was a huge group of people clearing the immigration and i heard the last call made for my flight~!!! so i immediately hardened my skin and made my excuses to cut the queues and RUN to the departure gate..i was the last passenger to board the flight..but i did not hear my name being called..was it because they called me in deutsch or simply because Lufthansa didn’t give a damn to its passengers’ attendance..but THANK GOD i didn’t miss that flight..

and when i was in Brisbane where i should be taking a flight to Brunei, i accidentally dropped my PASSPORT and BOARDING PASS from my bag and i did not notice it until i was about to pay for my chocolate cake..i was looking for my purse and that was the time when i realised that my passport and boarding pass were not in my bag..speak of the devil and then i heard my name being announced by the airport crew asking me to collect those items..hoho..

anyway, i would like to rate the destinations i’ve visited based on my experience in using or visiting it..

1) BEST AIRPORT : Changi International, Singapore (it’s comfortable, signs are user friendly and easy to follow, effective and numerous airtrains to ease terminal exchange, complete facilities-showers, i-site, massage chair, huge shopping arena, swimming pool for long transits! and it’s PERFECTLY clean and beautiful)

i wish i could have a better photo of it

2) BEST ASIAN MARKET/FLEA MARKET : Vienna, Austria. It’s cleaner and bigger there, compared to the one in Budapest, Frankfurt and Belgrade..they call it the Mediterranean Market though..but since it sells the same thing, it is a flea market..

you can find belacan there..

3) BEST CITY : Frankfurt..can i vote Brisbane too..?no, i vote Brisbane..because you cannot find this red-light district or something red related in Brisbane..they have bars and clubs but it is not as nasty as Frankfurt..huhu..

dh nk hampir maghrib..
across the bridge, by the river, behind the feris wheel

4) BEST TOURIST ATTRACTION : Vienna, Austria museums, monuments, shopping arcades, kereta kuda macam cinderella, halal foods, gardens, souvenirs..

encik kuda kacak..satu ride EUR40.00

the same place..where is my mozart eh..?

5) BEST THEME PARK : Movie World, Gold Coast..it’s like a living fantasy..shrek 4D sgt awesome!


6) BEST ADRENALINE JUNKIE HIDEOUT : WET n’ WILD..i swear, i only do mild rides..except for black hole..and i quit just before i entered the water tunnel..like the girl in the recent amazing race..haha..owh, no picture for this place..it’s wild..mind you.. 🙂

7) BEST AIRLINES (cabin crew): Singapore Airlines, can i..?because i was quite embarassed with MAS’s flight attendance for improficient use of English..huhu..

8 ) BEST in-flight FOOD : MAS 🙂 this is not a damage control..i really mean it..

9 ) WORST AIRPORT : Frankfurt Main..i wish i could’ve stopped over in Munich instead..

10) WORST AIRLINES : Lufthansa and Royal Brunei..i don’t know how to describe it but journey with Lufthansa didn’t feel safe and with Royal Brunei, they let their co-pilot did the landing..

that’s all for now..may be this can more or less guide ur travel..looking forward for more trips in the future..i have Cristchurch, Fiji and Morocco in my mind i’Allah..God, blessed me with prosperity please..

owh..ariff asked me to do this..his hidup berani untuk gagal thingy..give him a visit will you..thanx


to a dear friend..and new year..

i was wanting to make a tribute entry to dear gundam yesterday..but i was so distracted with changing the theme and learning about the tools provided with the new theme that i just forgot the real intention of logging into this blog..and now, i’m still hanging over my decision to change the theme and i’m determined to change it back once i have a good time to be in front of the computer..man~i really regretted my decision..so for now, please bear with the font size..i cannot change it..

so as i said, to ariff:

life is always full of surprises and what matters most in life is that we learn something from what we’ve just experienced..you’re a grown up gentleman now and i hope u act likewise everytime you’re making a decision..instead of looking for the other party’s mistakes, do think of our own mistakes too..see, we are not perfect too..and it always takes two, to tango.. 🙂 but anyway, we still have a long way to go..let’s just enjoy our young age 🙂 em..i have a few old pictures of yours with me..those were the pictures taken back in high school..lucky they were in a sticker album..so i cannot take them out to scan them..lucky you..you’ll see how much you’ve grown up if i can do it..huh.. :p

it’s december the 29th today and in a few more days, we’ll say good bye to 2009 and welcome 2010..there were just so many things that have taken their place in my life and some have made significant contribution..i’m very grateful for what have occurred and i pray for a successful year ahead, no matter what is prepared for me to experience..i’m not a big fan of making a new year resolutions but please do list down your new year resolutions..they say sharing is caring 🙂


owh jalan raya..

pemandu di malaysia ni sangat berhati kering..jalan kat jalan raya di kawasan kampung pun derang speeding..

pastu, kalo kat roundabout, derang boleh ignore sape patut jalan dulu..derang rase kereta derang kebal..kalo lori langgar pn xde masalah..owh, mungkin juga sebab kenderaan yang dipandu adlah lori dan bas..maka derang rase derang la raja di jalan raya..

kalo tengah jam..derang akan honk sekerap mungkin..mungkin mereka fikir, dengan memekak macam tu, derang bleh menyebabkan kesesakan tu berakhir..bukan stakat tu je..kalo lorry driver ke, bus driver ke..derang akan klua kan kepala derang..pastu jerit macam ni, “woi, kenapa 8@8! sangat..lembab nak mam***..cepat la!” macam la derang je yang nak cepat..yang lain ni menikmati kesesakan agaknya..

kalo dekat zebra crossing, derang tak kan peduli orang yang dah berdiri lama nak melintas tak lepas-lepas..mungkin derang fikir “kalo nak lintas, pandai2 la cepat2 lari sementara keta agak jauh” tahu tak, walaupun kereta tu jauh, tapi laju, pelintas akan rasa terancam ye untuk melintas..especially mereka yang berbadan besar atau berat..seperti ibu2 mengandung..

banyak lagi sebenarnya..tak larat nak list kan..kesimpulan nya, kepada semua pemandu, jalan raya dicipta bukan untuk menumpahkan darah atau mengakhirkan hayat seseorang..jadilah pengguna yang berhemah..


alternative doctor..

I hate anything that is medical related..may be because I hardly know anything to enable me to understand the causal-relationship of diet and illness and genetic factor bla bla bla..the causes and effects of any illness etc..or may be because the truth is just too scarry to be accepted..but one thing I understand pretty well is that ignorance is REALLY a bliss..

Nenek went to an alternative medical practitioner somewhere in Seremban yesterday..the practitioner was a Chinese and all that he did was checking the heartbeat and measuring the blood pressure..then he described the problems that he could ‘hear’ from his ‘analysis’..after a while, he suggested some medication and the function of that medication in helping to cure the problems..and it cost nenek a big amount of money..

I do not totally reject the presence and effectiveness of alternative medicine but I just could not accept the way they do their analysis..no blood or urine test..no scan or x-ray..nothing scientific in that process..and suddenly they know which medication is suitable for that particular problems..but they provide convincing reasons in getting us, the customers, to buy their herb-based medication..

Nenek was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and heart problem and she had undergone bypass surgery a few years ago..she has been taking plenty amount of medication everyday and that practice has now taken its toll on her..her kidney has gradually started to cause problems to her..and it also leads to arthritis..kesian ok nenek..

So the practitioner suggested this medication that can help smoothen the blood flow and cleanse the blood..em..i wonder how it works..nenek needs to take that medication first for a few months, then the practitioner will replace that medication with something to control the diabetes..nenek cannot take both medication at once..and for the time being, nenek has to control her sugar intake..

No matter how I doubt this practitioner, a lot more people choose to just believe in this practitioner..my mom’s cousin who had just undergone a very traumatic labor complication also went to this practitioner and she was the one who introduced that place to nenek..and from my observation, this practitioner is quite famous because patients from as far as Singapore come to his place for his service..owh, he offered massage service too..even cancer patients come to this place..and I wonder how much money he made in just one hour..hehe.. ($_$) private message me if you would like to have his address..


of an outing..and a book..

It was another fun day out with my girlfriends yesterday..they decided to go karaoke-ing while Bella and me wanted to watch New Moon for the second time..so Begum, Cuda and Rose quickly disagreed with that New Moon thingy and claimed it would not be fun if we do not spend time together..so we agreed..fine..karaoke would be fine..and to my surprise the karaoke session would last for three hours and Bella started to make ‘hungry’ as her excuse to escape karaoke..the rest of them simply rejected her excuse and there we went..into the karaoke lounge..i don’t want to tell you the rest of the story and begum, don’t you ever dare to tell what happened in the karaoke lounge..and if you do, I’ll expose your dirty little secret~~haha..

I’ve been watching a lot of behind the scenes and the making of New Moon in E!-MTV-V and even AXN..and the more I saw those, the more I think RPattz is older than his age..i like his accent outside the movie but I wish I didn’t hear him laughing..it was so a turn off..and..owh my Jacob! (girlfriend magazine taught me to use this instead of the typical OMG :p) I love Dakota Fanning’s make up in that movie..her eye make-up I mean..i want those big eyes too.. 🙂

Ok those are not what I want to write actually..i just got carried away..i went to my cousin’s house on Wednesday night and I saw a Malay novel on the table so I borrowed the novel from her..*faraha poms2..aku membaca..akhirnya!* it was a love story and it was so speak of the devil..it was about a mix marriage..i’m not going to make a book review here because I don’t really read books so I don’t really know how to tell if a book is a good book..but I was captured by the language in that book..

One of the sentences in that book is this : “…ingin mengutip mangkuk dan cawan yang dihantar..” the sentence was explaining her intention to take the bowl and glass she sent to her Master a while ago so that she can now clean it..i was captured by the word ‘mengutip’..how did the writer choose to use that word instead of ‘mengambil’ or ‘mengangkat’ because ‘mengutip’ to me is something you do when you want to pick up small objects like ‘mengutip sampah’ or ‘mengutip batu’..but then I realized, people also use ‘mengutip’ as in ‘mengutip wang derma’ and ‘mengutip pengalaman’..’wang derma’ is not small objects..i don’t even know which area ‘wang derma’ should be categorised into..‘pengalaman’ is abstract..so..?i just found another inconclusive pattern in linguistics..*sigh*

p/s: yot, sorry tak dpt dtg wedding kakak ko..nenek aku tinggal sorg la kt umah..

p/s/s: bell..mn ko ni..?ko smbg tdo ke lpas ko text aku td pagi..?


of a marriage..

i need faster internet for my heroes..gossip girl and glee..and i have wedding invitations everyday during weekends..so i actually need faster internet and some more free time..

i overheard my nenek and umi’s conversation about one of my cousins..he’s 28 and already has a girlfriend..but the problem is, his girlfriend is not a muslim..nenek and umi and pak cik2 and makcik2 have been talking about their relationship and one of the thing they mentioned was that “she’s not a muslim, and it will be hard for my cousin to guide her onto the right path, he should have just find a muslim girl..there are a lot of good looking muslim girls out there”..and something like “what took him so long to propose, he has a good job and he is well-paid for his work..he should have had enough savings for a wedding”..bla bla bla..

well for me, i don’t think the elders should put too much pressure on who to marry or when to get married to my cousin..you see, he’s a grown up and he’s a guy obviously..his girlfriend is still young too..let him take his time..marriage is not a one or two day commitment..it’s a life-time commitment..

if something were to happen to that marriage and the couple regretted for getting married, i’m afraid that they will put the blame on the elders for pressuring them to get married or choose the wrong person..and the elders wouldn’t want this to happen either right..

there should be a lot of good reasons for my cousin to not get married when the elders asked him to..or choose that non-muslim girl as his girlfriend..

and i wish, the elders would be more patient..


i need more ideas please..

i had a fever after going out and about with my girl friends..what does that mean than..?they’re a bad influence huh..?i agree.. :p

it was fun..check out for our photos during our days and nite out in begum’s blog or our facebooks.. begum’s

i finally watched new moon..go watch it people..it’s good to get to see beautiful people in a very unimaginable way..they’re not ordinary humans..that’s what made them cool..i don’t know..i’m creazy over superpowers..name any superpower movies/series that i don’t know..i watch almost all of them..i always wish i’m part of them..haha..but from this particular movie, i was drown into jacob’s charm and warmth..gaga..p/s: i don’t want to sit next to acheng again if we were to watch a movie again..aaa~!!! sungguh memusnahkan angan2..

thanx to my girl friends for bringing me around..and chi2 for the dinner treat..lpas ni sape2 keje, 1st salary kne open table okeh..chi, ko dh settle..so yg lain2 jgn buat2 lupe keh..


american dreams..?

My cousin asked me to pay him a visit in Vancouver and he said if I were to come over, we’ll head over to VEGAS!

Ya right cousin..pay me all the cost then surely I won’t wait any longer to give you a visit..haha..and suddenly all the glittering and fanciness of the American dreams came into mind..i watched jamie’s American road trip and he too questioned what is so great about the American dreams..and that’s what brought him to the states..so he could learn all the American and Mexican food, and yes, see for himself the people who managed to achieve the American dreams..and at this point, I felt so grateful that I was born in Malaysia and I was not exposed so much to the American dreams that will drool me..that was what I was thinking..

But to think again, who taught me about the fancy and flashy cars I’ve been eyeing so far..?what drove me into dreaming of having a boyfriend who drives a fancy jaguar and wouldn’t care if he’s a big-professional-successful thief..?open up your eyes people..it’s the flashy, super-expensive cars and bad boys are hot images..are they not American dreams..?and where I was born again..?

Interlude : did Robbie William really do the ice-skating part in she’s the one..? it looked real man..*I was watching double shot when I was writing this entry and I just watched that music video* and owh..listen to the cello in all the right moves by one republic..

Back to the main topic..about the American dreams..

What about my dreams of being the daughter to chris daughtry..david cook is my boyfriend..where do I get these images of hot American rock stars..?how do I scale their ‘hotness’ either..?haha..see, how masculinity is defined/equivalent to the bulky image of American rockstars or heroic figure like the wolverine..guys fancy to have that six pack and those well built arms right..? p/s: don’t disagree yet ariff.. J there are a few exceptions for those who couldn’t have that desired look for being too skinny or too fat.. but trust me these group of people won’t stop trying..so wish you all the best if you fall into this category..

My conclusion..har~I wish I could escape these American dreams..

My holiday has been busy so far..i’ll be out of town for a couple of days..so catch up with you later..