american dreams..?

My cousin asked me to pay him a visit in Vancouver and he said if I were to come over, we’ll head over to VEGAS!

Ya right cousin..pay me all the cost then surely I won’t wait any longer to give you a visit..haha..and suddenly all the glittering and fanciness of the American dreams came into mind..i watched jamie’s American road trip and he too questioned what is so great about the American dreams..and that’s what brought him to the states..so he could learn all the American and Mexican food, and yes, see for himself the people who managed to achieve the American dreams..and at this point, I felt so grateful that I was born in Malaysia and I was not exposed so much to the American dreams that will drool me..that was what I was thinking..

But to think again, who taught me about the fancy and flashy cars I’ve been eyeing so far..?what drove me into dreaming of having a boyfriend who drives a fancy jaguar and wouldn’t care if he’s a big-professional-successful thief..?open up your eyes people..it’s the flashy, super-expensive cars and bad boys are hot images..are they not American dreams..?and where I was born again..?

Interlude : did Robbie William really do the ice-skating part in she’s the one..? it looked real man..*I was watching double shot when I was writing this entry and I just watched that music video* and owh..listen to the cello in all the right moves by one republic..

Back to the main topic..about the American dreams..

What about my dreams of being the daughter to chris daughtry..david cook is my boyfriend..where do I get these images of hot American rock stars..?how do I scale their ‘hotness’ either..?haha..see, how masculinity is defined/equivalent to the bulky image of American rockstars or heroic figure like the wolverine..guys fancy to have that six pack and those well built arms right..? p/s: don’t disagree yet ariff.. J there are a few exceptions for those who couldn’t have that desired look for being too skinny or too fat.. but trust me these group of people won’t stop trying..so wish you all the best if you fall into this category..

My conclusion..har~I wish I could escape these American dreams..

My holiday has been busy so far..i’ll be out of town for a couple of days..so catch up with you later..


One thought on “american dreams..?

  1. to me all those fancies are only bonus from all these workouts. i workout to gain more strength so that i could perform better in games.

    those hollywood actors are paid to look good. it’s their frekin’ job. while me, and you are paid to study. there’s a huge difference in that.

    again, whatever i gain physically will be counted as bonus and as special traits to lure hot girls. lol.

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