i need more ideas please..

i had a fever after going out and about with my girl friends..what does that mean than..?they’re a bad influence huh..?i agree.. :p

it was fun..check out for our photos during our days and nite out in begum’s blog or our facebooks.. begum’s

i finally watched new moon..go watch it people..it’s good to get to see beautiful people in a very unimaginable way..they’re not ordinary humans..that’s what made them cool..i don’t know..i’m creazy over superpowers..name any superpower movies/series that i don’t know..i watch almost all of them..i always wish i’m part of them..haha..but from this particular movie, i was drown into jacob’s charm and warmth..gaga..p/s: i don’t want to sit next to acheng again if we were to watch a movie again..aaa~!!! sungguh memusnahkan angan2..

thanx to my girl friends for bringing me around..and chi2 for the dinner treat..lpas ni sape2 keje, 1st salary kne open table okeh..chi, ko dh settle..so yg lain2 jgn buat2 lupe keh..


6 thoughts on “i need more ideas please..

  1. yuyyyyuuuuu
    get well soon
    itula akibat tgk new moon yg bosan gle nk mati ok
    mmgla sronok cuci mataa tgk badan taylor lautner yg hangat tu tp stil xdpt nk lawan tahap ke-lame-an n kebodohan jln cte tu ygsgtla rase cm nk bunuh diri je
    apehal bella tu bodo sgt? ah sume pun same la bngong.
    ak dlm wyg asyk2 tgk jam je ble nk abes cte ni. tp sbb member byrkn ak tahan jela

    slmt berfoya2 yu~
    ingat, byk duit nk pkai lg ni
    sewa umah ko masih berjln

    1. btol2..cite die agak lemah2 here and there..tp kacak nye pasal..and konon2 ade action la sket2..sbb tu la aku stay..cik sha..x g mn2 ke..?

  2. masa you tengok kan yuyu, part bella jatuh motor tu kan, u ada x bygkan mcm ni:

    “yuyu, you’re bleeding, let me help you with that~” *taking his shirt off*

    haha. part tu hot ok! 😛

    1. hahaha..ade2!! boleh x..?pastu i ckp “u’re beautiful” gaga..hot2..farah~!!! he’s a BABY la farah..how i wish he’s our age..ok la kalo x pn..we’re at his age..hahaha..die pn lagi muda dr u kn..?yes2..i’m so sure about that..haha..*jeles u lg muda dr i*

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