of a marriage..

i need faster internet for my heroes..gossip girl and glee..and i have wedding invitations everyday during weekends..so i actually need faster internet and some more free time..

i overheard my nenek and umi’s conversation about one of my cousins..he’s 28 and already has a girlfriend..but the problem is, his girlfriend is not a muslim..nenek and umi and pak cik2 and makcik2 have been talking about their relationship and one of the thing they mentioned was that “she’s not a muslim, and it will be hard for my cousin to guide her onto the right path, he should have just find a muslim girl..there are a lot of good looking muslim girls out there”..and something like “what took him so long to propose, he has a good job and he is well-paid for his work..he should have had enough savings for a wedding”..bla bla bla..

well for me, i don’t think the elders should put too much pressure on who to marry or when to get married to my cousin..you see, he’s a grown up and he’s a guy obviously..his girlfriend is still young too..let him take his time..marriage is not a one or two day commitment..it’s a life-time commitment..

if something were to happen to that marriage and the couple regretted for getting married, i’m afraid that they will put the blame on the elders for pressuring them to get married or choose the wrong person..and the elders wouldn’t want this to happen either right..

there should be a lot of good reasons for my cousin to not get married when the elders asked him to..or choose that non-muslim girl as his girlfriend..

and i wish, the elders would be more patient..


10 thoughts on “of a marriage..

    1. haha..why adinda..? post ni di address utk org2 tua je tau..bkn org2 muda cm kte.. 🙂

  1. thats one thing i realized, bila dah masuk 20s the hot topic from the older people will be about marriage. kdg2 geram gak la. but i think what we can do is try to ignore jelah. i mean, the time will def come.. insyaAllah.

    psssttt… i dah habis tgk glee! GG & Heroes baru nak catch up woohoo! hows msia babe?

    1. Msia is fine..you should come back tau tak..dh nk abes dh year end sale tu..and anyway, thank you for understanding..ur parents dh suruh u kawen ke farah..?haha..and one question i and i know you too hate to hear from them “xkan takde boyfriend lagi” haha..

  2. mereka sedikit sebanyak mempunyai hak setelah membesarkan kita. tapi keputusan di tangan sendiri. hehe, mcm expert

    1. agakla..they have the rights..byk derg pk..nk tgk cucu b4 menutup mate la..nk dpt kn calon yg terbaik utk anak la..xnk anak yg eventually tersesat in helping the saudara baru mengenal agama..bleh x saket kepala pk bnda ni..?baik study je kn..?

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