of an outing..and a book..

It was another fun day out with my girlfriends yesterday..they decided to go karaoke-ing while Bella and me wanted to watch New Moon for the second time..so Begum, Cuda and Rose quickly disagreed with that New Moon thingy and claimed it would not be fun if we do not spend time together..so we agreed..fine..karaoke would be fine..and to my surprise the karaoke session would last for three hours and Bella started to make ‘hungry’ as her excuse to escape karaoke..the rest of them simply rejected her excuse and there we went..into the karaoke lounge..i don’t want to tell you the rest of the story and begum, don’t you ever dare to tell what happened in the karaoke lounge..and if you do, I’ll expose your dirty little secret~~haha..

I’ve been watching a lot of behind the scenes and the making of New Moon in E!-MTV-V and even AXN..and the more I saw those, the more I think RPattz is older than his age..i like his accent outside the movie but I wish I didn’t hear him laughing..it was so a turn off..and..owh my Jacob! (girlfriend magazine taught me to use this instead of the typical OMG :p) I love Dakota Fanning’s make up in that movie..her eye make-up I mean..i want those big eyes too.. 🙂

Ok those are not what I want to write actually..i just got carried away..i went to my cousin’s house on Wednesday night and I saw a Malay novel on the table so I borrowed the novel from her..*faraha poms2..aku membaca..akhirnya!* it was a love story and it was so speak of the devil..it was about a mix marriage..i’m not going to make a book review here because I don’t really read books so I don’t really know how to tell if a book is a good book..but I was captured by the language in that book..

One of the sentences in that book is this : “…ingin mengutip mangkuk dan cawan yang dihantar..” the sentence was explaining her intention to take the bowl and glass she sent to her Master a while ago so that she can now clean it..i was captured by the word ‘mengutip’..how did the writer choose to use that word instead of ‘mengambil’ or ‘mengangkat’ because ‘mengutip’ to me is something you do when you want to pick up small objects like ‘mengutip sampah’ or ‘mengutip batu’..but then I realized, people also use ‘mengutip’ as in ‘mengutip wang derma’ and ‘mengutip pengalaman’..’wang derma’ is not small objects..i don’t even know which area ‘wang derma’ should be categorised into..‘pengalaman’ is abstract..so..?i just found another inconclusive pattern in linguistics..*sigh*

p/s: yot, sorry tak dpt dtg wedding kakak ko..nenek aku tinggal sorg la kt umah..

p/s/s: bell..mn ko ni..?ko smbg tdo ke lpas ko text aku td pagi..?


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