alternative doctor..

I hate anything that is medical related..may be because I hardly know anything to enable me to understand the causal-relationship of diet and illness and genetic factor bla bla bla..the causes and effects of any illness etc..or may be because the truth is just too scarry to be accepted..but one thing I understand pretty well is that ignorance is REALLY a bliss..

Nenek went to an alternative medical practitioner somewhere in Seremban yesterday..the practitioner was a Chinese and all that he did was checking the heartbeat and measuring the blood pressure..then he described the problems that he could ‘hear’ from his ‘analysis’..after a while, he suggested some medication and the function of that medication in helping to cure the problems..and it cost nenek a big amount of money..

I do not totally reject the presence and effectiveness of alternative medicine but I just could not accept the way they do their analysis..no blood or urine test..no scan or x-ray..nothing scientific in that process..and suddenly they know which medication is suitable for that particular problems..but they provide convincing reasons in getting us, the customers, to buy their herb-based medication..

Nenek was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and heart problem and she had undergone bypass surgery a few years ago..she has been taking plenty amount of medication everyday and that practice has now taken its toll on her..her kidney has gradually started to cause problems to her..and it also leads to arthritis..kesian ok nenek..

So the practitioner suggested this medication that can help smoothen the blood flow and cleanse the blood..em..i wonder how it works..nenek needs to take that medication first for a few months, then the practitioner will replace that medication with something to control the diabetes..nenek cannot take both medication at once..and for the time being, nenek has to control her sugar intake..

No matter how I doubt this practitioner, a lot more people choose to just believe in this practitioner..my mom’s cousin who had just undergone a very traumatic labor complication also went to this practitioner and she was the one who introduced that place to nenek..and from my observation, this practitioner is quite famous because patients from as far as Singapore come to his place for his service..owh, he offered massage service too..even cancer patients come to this place..and I wonder how much money he made in just one hour..hehe.. ($_$) private message me if you would like to have his address..


2 thoughts on “alternative doctor..

  1. oh nenek ak g melaka jmpe sorg ni
    die tenung je nenek ak
    pastu trus baek
    dh bole bjalan dh bliau skrg
    cousin ak trus ilang resdung die
    apehal org melaka g sermeban pule ni??
    ak pn x tau cmne die bley baek tp die x bg ubat ke ape lsg

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