365-my travelogue

i’ve been making quite a few journeys this year and i would like to share some of the good things that i found along the way..it started in Sydney in February, Melbourne in April, Singapore, Frankfurt, Belgrade, Budapest, Romania, Vienna and Shanghai in June and July, Auckland, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Brunei in November..

and now i believe, that the world is very different at its different side..i was a solo traveller for almost all of the journeys and God knew how i was terrified each time i wanted to start a journey..

there was this time when i was traveling from Vienna to Frankfurt and i should be catching up a flight to Shanghai at Frankfurt airport..the transit time was only 30 minutes and i was rushing to the departure terminal from the arrival terminal..i started to freak out because i’ve been walking for a long distance but i haven’t reached the departure terminal yet..when i first arrived in Frankfurt, Ms. Lim and Imtiyas were there to guide me around the airport! and when i entered the departure hall, there was a huge group of people clearing the immigration and i heard the last call made for my flight~!!! so i immediately hardened my skin and made my excuses to cut the queues and RUN to the departure gate..i was the last passenger to board the flight..but i did not hear my name being called..was it because they called me in deutsch or simply because Lufthansa didn’t give a damn to its passengers’ attendance..but THANK GOD i didn’t miss that flight..

and when i was in Brisbane where i should be taking a flight to Brunei, i accidentally dropped my PASSPORT and BOARDING PASS from my bag and i did not notice it until i was about to pay for my chocolate cake..i was looking for my purse and that was the time when i realised that my passport and boarding pass were not in my bag..speak of the devil and then i heard my name being announced by the airport crew asking me to collect those items..hoho..

anyway, i would like to rate the destinations i’ve visited based on my experience in using or visiting it..

1) BEST AIRPORT : Changi International, Singapore (it’s comfortable, signs are user friendly and easy to follow, effective and numerous airtrains to ease terminal exchange, complete facilities-showers, i-site, massage chair, huge shopping arena, swimming pool for long transits! and it’s PERFECTLY clean and beautiful)

i wish i could have a better photo of it

2) BEST ASIAN MARKET/FLEA MARKET : Vienna, Austria. It’s cleaner and bigger there, compared to the one in Budapest, Frankfurt and Belgrade..they call it the Mediterranean Market though..but since it sells the same thing, it is a flea market..

you can find belacan there..

3) BEST CITY : Frankfurt..can i vote Brisbane too..?no, i vote Brisbane..because you cannot find this red-light district or something red related in Brisbane..they have bars and clubs but it is not as nasty as Frankfurt..huhu..

dh nk hampir maghrib..
across the bridge, by the river, behind the feris wheel

4) BEST TOURIST ATTRACTION : Vienna, Austria museums, monuments, shopping arcades, kereta kuda macam cinderella, halal foods, gardens, souvenirs..

encik kuda kacak..satu ride EUR40.00

the same place..where is my mozart eh..?

5) BEST THEME PARK : Movie World, Gold Coast..it’s like a living fantasy..shrek 4D sgt awesome!


6) BEST ADRENALINE JUNKIE HIDEOUT : WET n’ WILD..i swear, i only do mild rides..except for black hole..and i quit just before i entered the water tunnel..like the girl in the recent amazing race..haha..owh, no picture for this place..it’s wild..mind you.. 🙂

7) BEST AIRLINES (cabin crew): Singapore Airlines, can i..?because i was quite embarassed with MAS’s flight attendance for improficient use of English..huhu..

8 ) BEST in-flight FOOD : MAS 🙂 this is not a damage control..i really mean it..

9 ) WORST AIRPORT : Frankfurt Main..i wish i could’ve stopped over in Munich instead..

10) WORST AIRLINES : Lufthansa and Royal Brunei..i don’t know how to describe it but journey with Lufthansa didn’t feel safe and with Royal Brunei, they let their co-pilot did the landing..

that’s all for now..may be this can more or less guide ur travel..looking forward for more trips in the future..i have Cristchurch, Fiji and Morocco in my mind i’Allah..God, blessed me with prosperity please..

owh..ariff asked me to do this..his hidup berani untuk gagal thingy..give him a visit will you..thanx


6 thoughts on “365-my travelogue

  1. yu!!!!!
    cmne ko bole “accidentally dropped ur PASSPORT and BOARDING PASS”?????!!!!
    that’s just so ayu zie
    seb baek ko sdar d announcement
    gd luck on ur next flight babe!

    1. haha..kalo aku tau, sure aku x cicirkan paspot tu sume..th bile2 th aku cicirkan, aku pn xtau..dan ye, nasib aku dgr announcement..and thanx cik sha, i’Allah aku akan lbh b’hati2..jom g reunion kms..kalo ko g kt eny, kem slm ye kt eny.. 🙂

  2. yuyu!!!!!!

    i never knew u have a blog. haha. hari ni bloghopping. rmi rupenye korang2 tules blog.

    anyhoots, Happy New Year to u dear. 🙂

    and oh i ve linked up ur blog w mine k. see u around teman sekampong!

    1. ade weh link terang2 kat twitter aku..ko je xpasan..aku dh lme dh jmpe blog ko sbnrny..

      happy new yr too shanis..aku link kn blog ko jgak k.. 🙂

    1. ye2..kt vienna..isk aku xingt dh ape nme tmpat tu..tp mmg kne jln behind buildings pn nk smpai tmpat tu..die mediterranean plus asian..drp kebab, smpai la ikan sepat..sume pn ade..

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