to a dear friend..and new year..

i was wanting to make a tribute entry to dear gundam yesterday..but i was so distracted with changing the theme and learning about the tools provided with the new theme that i just forgot the real intention of logging into this blog..and now, i’m still hanging over my decision to change the theme and i’m determined to change it back once i have a good time to be in front of the computer..man~i really regretted my decision..so for now, please bear with the font size..i cannot change it..

so as i said, to ariff:

life is always full of surprises and what matters most in life is that we learn something from what we’ve just experienced..you’re a grown up gentleman now and i hope u act likewise everytime you’re making a decision..instead of looking for the other party’s mistakes, do think of our own mistakes too..see, we are not perfect too..and it always takes two, to tango.. 🙂 but anyway, we still have a long way to go..let’s just enjoy our young age 🙂 em..i have a few old pictures of yours with me..those were the pictures taken back in high school..lucky they were in a sticker album..so i cannot take them out to scan them..lucky you..you’ll see how much you’ve grown up if i can do it..huh.. :p

it’s december the 29th today and in a few more days, we’ll say good bye to 2009 and welcome 2010..there were just so many things that have taken their place in my life and some have made significant contribution..i’m very grateful for what have occurred and i pray for a successful year ahead, no matter what is prepared for me to experience..i’m not a big fan of making a new year resolutions but please do list down your new year resolutions..they say sharing is caring 🙂


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