toilet stinks!

em..this is my first entry for this year..welcome 2010..

i was away from home for a few days and i had been with my girlfriends most of the time..yatie and cuda are settling down at a new house so my presence was actually to help them with their moving but i think, i only helped around 30%..but i was a good help when cuda was about to register herself in UiTM.. 🙂

do you know that i struggled to watch avatar in 3D..?1st try was with yot and acap in alamanda and guess what..avatar in 3D was not even screened in that theater..ksian yatie dh siap2 beli pop corn..haha..then we tried again in one utama and we were still unfortunate for unavailable ‘good seatings’ :p and only after getting tired of trying we decided to watch in Sunway..at the front-est seat ya..but anyway, avatar was great..watch it if you haven’t watched it yet..

and actually, i wanted to complain about malaysian public toilets..man~i can nag forever about this issue but i know it wont take me anywhere..it’s ok..i still want to complain..i really hate malaysian public toilets..they stink..and are dirty..what is the point of having such a big and beautiful shopping malls if they cannot maintain cleanliness in the toilets..?and what happen to the users..?is it so hard to clean the ‘mess’ after making it..?and for heaven’s sake..why put tissues outside the toilet..?and why put washer at the most unpractical place..?they put it at the toilet bowl and i wonder what is the purpose of that thing when it cannot wash anything ‘down there’  and there is a flush to clean the bowl..they are simply stupid..lucky cuda told me to get the tissue before entering the toilet..and they seemed like not having any cleaners to clean the toilet every once in a while..come on malaysian..be a clean citizen will you..?malu ok bile foreigners buat muka lepas masuk toilet..kata negara islam..takkan kebersihan pun xboleh nak jaga..cakap je pandai kebersihan sebahagian drp iman..tp buat nya tidak..