just another update..

it feels so good when you can have plenty of time doing things you love..be it anything..from time alone with yourself, to with your family to with your friends..there is just so much fun that you can have..and i’ve been enjoying those things while i’m having my summer vacation and in less than 18 days, i’ll need to go back to where this mind belongs..it’s always hard to start something else when you’re so comfortable doing something else..owh i hate that feelings..rs sungguh malas untuk menghadap cuaca di wellington itu..huhu..

anyway, it’s been a long silence at this blog..because i was so busy catching up with my friends and family that i just couldn’t be bothered to update this blog..a lot of hangouts and shopping and makan-makan and vacation 🙂 a few self-pampering times..and how do i categorize kenduri..?ok kenduri kendara is also in the list..so to cik sha, and cik kedelian, sorry for the late wishes..bukan lupa, tp xsempat 🙂

pictures..ok, since i don’t have any copy of those precious times, take a look in begum’s or cuda’s fb..


6 thoughts on “just another update..

  1. ok ayu zie, you’re forgiven ;p
    btw ehem ehem ayu zie,
    di mana al tudung ko melayang ayu zie?
    ehem ehem

    1. aku dh xde idea weh..xtau dh nk tulis ape..itu la..ckp nogori je dgn yot..smpai dh x t’kua pkataan english aku..

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