of crimes and safety..

i can talk forever about safety issues in Malaysia..i watched the prime news last night and by the end of the news, i felt so worried and anxious thinking about the rising crime rates..i wouldn’t be listing all the cases they showed last night because i figured out that you knew it too..check this, and this out and there’s another one about burglary and murder that i couldn’t find, if you haven’t quite know about it yet..owh, there were also plenty of news regarding drug trafficking and abuse, fraud and seesh no, i don’t want to start about politics..

so where on earth people can now really feel safe..?it’s very threatening especially to women..don’t be surprised if people in the kampung area are now working so hard so they can afford to put up surveillance cameras and alarm system around their house..

now the thieves do not stop at just burglary, they practice murdering too..terms like petty crime and misdemeanor should be eliminated from the judicial dictionary now because those criminals should be punished with heavier punishment..

let’s pray this together : ya Allah, lindungilah hamba-hamba Mu yg teraniaya, jadikanlah kami (termasuk orang-orang yang menganiaya) golongan yang bertaubat..amin..

p/s: how i wish Malaysia can be a safe place..there’s no use promoting our country for tourism if we cannot stop the crimes..we can STOP the crimes, yes we can, or else STOP wouldn’t exist in the dictionary at the first place..i am proud of Malaysian multiracial and multicultural attractions, but i don’t want soon people would say we’re proud of our crime rates too..

p/s/s: i think the media has successfully created moral panics..


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