when i have to pack..

next sunday, i won’t be watching melodi at tv 3, or eating delicious lunch made by umi, or simply enjoying the humid breeze of my kampung..instead, at 1 pm malaysian time, i’ll already be in wellington, may be unpacking my stuff, or moving my furniture from my old house..it’ll be 6 pm in wellington..

then i have to work out how to catch up the recent amazing race currently on show at AXN malaysia every monday..

then, i’ll be seeing hills, high hills and a lot of hills..and i have to walk on it..no comfort car to be used..

then, i’ll need to take out my thermal shirts, sweaters, socks, and no more walking on jandals..or i’ll catch hypothermia again..

then, i’ll need to cook on my own, shop on my on, make domestic budget on my own, owh..everything on my own..no more mee goreng at only rm 3.00 right when i feel so lazy to go to the kitchen..

wuaaaa~!!! malasnya nak packing~!!!

wellington city..
but i love the places though..they're clean..

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