about a kid i met..

i’m blogging in a gloomy afternoon..how i miss the sun streak..but anyway, i’ve safely landed on the kiwi land for nearly two weeks now and the first week has always been challenging and chaotic..i was assigned to do school observation just three days after arriving..imagined how clueless and indifferent i got in trying to sort things out..but anyway, *deep breathing* i survived mate! alhamdulillah..

there’s a story about a not so fortunate boy i met during my school observation..

i was sleepy observing an energetic american teacher teaching english to a group of yr 11 students..she was teaching the students on how to do summary and she was getting each of the students to read out their summary..it was not long, something like a 15 words summary..it went down from 100 words, to 70 words, to 50 words, 30 and so on..everyone was participating and showing their summary to the teacher but there’s this one indian boy sitting alone at the end corner of the class reading and writing something else..so he made me wonder..

refused to keep wondering and making wild assumptions, i walked towards that kid and asked him his name and asking him if he’s enjoying the class *something to build up the relationship* i’m a human service professional you see :p and i went on by asking him what he was doing actually because seemed to me he was doing something totally different..and i was right, he was reading a novel, and writing something out of the reading..

he said his reading ability was at level 1, and to be able to sit for any examination, his reading ability needed to be at least at level 3..so he was given a different task according to his reading ability..ok i got him that point..but i didn’t really get him..was he not confused with the environment around him..?the rest of the class was making a lot of noise *well, considerably a lot of noise for a person to read* and he said he was used to that kind of surrounding and he could bear with it!

ok, i wasn’t satisfied with his answer..if he has any dissability or learning disorder, he should be assigned to a teacher-aide, like, no, he needed that teacher-aide..mandatory..but where’s the teacher-aide..?

so i talked to the teacher after class..what’s wrong with that kid..em..here’s his story..he was diagnosed with something called “unidentified disorder”..*medicine has its limitation you see*..he could read and understand stories be it visual or imaginary..but the thing is, he could not process the information like a child of his age could..if he was presented with a scene from the movie ‘shrek’ where a dragon saved the princess from a prison, he couldn’t tell that was a heroic action made by the dragon..instead, if we ask ‘do you enjoy the movie, what’s the value that you learned from it’..he’ll go ‘yes i like the movie, i like the flying donkey, he’s cute’..see what was wrong there..?

God i burst into tears, knowing that he’s a very focused student, independent and very hard working because he wanted so badly to be able to sit for an exam, but the reality was, he just couldn’t..the teacher said, his reading ability has not been improving and they doubt if it could ever improve..even worse, if tomorrow you asked him what he read /watch yesterday, he just couldn’t recall..man~i was really really like REALLY sad for that kid..i pray to God, so one day, there’ll be something out there that could help him to succeed..in a good way, of course..

to all of us, be grateful for what we have achieved so far..there’s always someone out there like this indian kid that was not as fortunate as us..sooner or later we’ll be a mom or a dad Godwilling..do not regret or keep blaming yourself or the destiny if one day God gives us a gifted child..as they’re named, they really are, GIFTED..


6 thoughts on “about a kid i met..

    1. as a matter of fact, ramai sbnrny yg ade disorder mcm ni..kalo x pn, any disorder in general..it’s just kte x tau..and, sbb parents ramai jugak yg hide gifted children mcm ni..but seriously..kesian gle..

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