we need savings don’t we..?

why we need to save..? i mean, our money..

1) for emergency purposes..we are not Hiro Nakamura who can travel back and fourth in time to see when we’re gonna need that money..

2) for specific purposes..you know, if you’re thinking to buy a car, a house, a ps3, school and tuition fees etc, u’ll need to at least, have enough money to pay for the down payment..

3) for leisure purposes..sometimes you feel like you’re desperately in need of a vacation and a good amount of savings would be your saviour..

and why suddenly i think about this..?because i’m gonna need it someday for thousands more reasons..let’s start saving people..may be we can help somebody with our savings..it’s time to think about others too, other than ourselves..


4 thoughts on “we need savings don’t we..?

    1. bengong~!!! sbb nk cuti2 la..kate thn dpan nk vacation obersi..ko xde duet, tinggal!

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