something to ponder upon..

i should be completing my assignment for the multiethnic education course right now..but, i’m writing this entry instead..why..?because i got so attached with this assignment, that i suddenly felt like writing about my current emotion..

this course that i’m doing – multiethnic education has opened my eyes to a lot of social discourses that we always take for granted, or simply refused to talk about, for worrying that we might cross the sensitivity lines – of the ethnic minorities..

having studied this course, and still studying it, i came to seriously understand that the land we are stepping on right now belongs to no one, and we are sharing the land..

as much as we want to pull out the best that we can from our land, other people with the same biological make up but different in physical attributes – want to get the best out of it too..

be more humane, thus no rights would be questioned by no one..

here’s a link of a video i made after completing my teaching experience..i always want the kids to have a bright future, just as much as i want my future kids to have, even when we’re the minority in the foreign land..because we never know what awaits us in the future..the best policy is always put yourself in their shoes, what if you’re the party, who’s deprived from equal rights..


4 thoughts on “something to ponder upon..

    1. ko anak murid derhaka..jadi, aku xrndu ko..aku rndu yg skema2 je..hohoho.. :p jgn mrh cikgu..ilmu xberkat..ha..xtakot..?

  1. political landscape in Malaysia will eventually come to this realization… the ultimate question is when. different races are naturally going to become more integrated under one roof n thus unity procured. 1Malaysia seeks to hasten this.

    1. it’s a bit tricky about this ‘integration’ issue..because we’re talking about our special rights and religion too..we don’t want to give up our special rights, as much as we want harmony integration to take place..the ultimate question for me would be “what could be the best win-win situation”

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