i’m guilty for doing this..

haha..yea i know, i’m still not doing my essay..and i should feel guilty..God knows how guilty i am but i just need to write this..a little crazy what i want to write but no, don’t stop reading..just bear with me ya..just for a couple more  lines..i mean, more than a couple of lines..hehe..yea2..i’m telling it now..

i’ve just finished watching greys anatomy season 5 and trust me, i’m crazy over that series..i was like ‘hell genius who created this finale..i couldn’t stop crying!’ and immediately i streamed season 6..i know i know..i was a bit far behind and people were done feeling sad upon o’malley’s death but nevermind..i’m taking it slow, and i’ll catch up soon 🙂 thank you so much for my beloved c-11 for transferring the series into my lap top during my absence..tah ape2 tah lagi korg buat dgn laptop aku eh..?but anyway, i love that series~~~wuwu..

and, i was watching n’sync music video when suddenly i had this urge of watching more good-old boy bands videos from the 90’s..and i watched westlife’s when you’re looking like that..then i saw a video of their cover of daughtry’s what about now and i saw the difference! they’re getting old and instead of saying “they’re old, they should be retiring” i was jaw-dropping and said “i love them~!” haha..i don’t know..i just think it’s more possible now..i won’t tell you with what i mean as possible..haha..have i just made it obvious now..?ok, that’s my secret you’ll never tell anyone else alrite..?i love nick in that video..he looked just like the kind of a man of my type..ya ya i know..i’m no chyler leigh (lexie grey in grey’s anatomy or blair waldorf-em, easier to introduce them with their role)..but nah~haha..i don’t care..

then i watched backstreet boys’ straight through my heart music video and again~! i fell in love with howie..he never looked so good as he is now when i knew backstreet boys back then..

owh, know who’s my favourite character in grey’s anatomy..?i like mark sloan..and for God’s sake, he’s old too..man, i’m refusing to say now, that my type is an old man..*sigh*

no! my type is a stable man..yeah..that sounds and feels better.. 🙂


6 thoughts on “i’m guilty for doing this..

  1. no la yu,
    you’re becoming a cougar now.
    your latest prey is a 20 year old kiwi.

    oh btw, have you heard that jc chasez of nsync is actually not straight???
    yikes!!! i’m dying right nowww……

    rakanm- yg-x-bguna-yg-lg-menggalakkn-ko-spy-procrastinate-krn-dirinya-pun-masih-membuang-masa

    1. yg case jc tu kte dh pnah kesali dulu la cik sha..ko ingt x time kte karok boy band kt umah lme ko..?kte dh ungkit ok isu2 songsang tu sume..dan kte sume dh sedih xde lelaki kacak yg lurus yg available yg nk kt kte yg bleh thn la jgak cun ni..haha..

      hello2..he’s so a baby ok..xde ny aku nk..tp, kalo die nk, aku tak tolak..hahahaha..uh..?!!!

      p/s: ayuh, bt esaimen cik sha..jgn lupe, aku perlukan bntuan ko nnti..

  2. ayoyoo.. zaman ble punye boy band ko minat weyy.. tapi dulu pun aku pnah minat gak kat westlife.. yang mark tu lar sbb suare beliau macho.. tapi ngupenye gay la pulakkk.. terus menyampah.. hoho..

    ey! dah2 tu tgk u tube! mari tgk alin tube. boleh?

    (huaaaaa…nak tulis amende niiii)

    1. ha..aku pminat setia bsb cik sar..jgn x tau..dulu aku bercita2 nk kawen dgn kevin yg kacak lagi pndai main piano itu..isu songsang tu dh lme m’jd mslh kpd kite2 yg single ni kn cik sar..alahai..sape je la yg tinggal..*nada sayu*

      cik sar, aku perlukan kura2 tube juge..dan alin tube juge..

      p/s: kalo dh siap, share tau cik sar..nk tiru..sharing is caring..hahaha..adoi~!!! esaimen~!!!

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