of what is taken for granted..

for no big reason i felt very happy today..i managed to finish my assignments on time without asking for extension, i’m quite happy with what i put into my assignments, i’m happy with my lecture and lecturers, and i’m happy with my courses..alhamdulillah..

and i know now for certain..that linguistics is my thing..it’s not easy and i’m not getting good grades for that course, but i know there are just so much to learn and i enjoy it..

linguistics shows me a lot of things that we take for granted are actually very significant in becoming a human..much thanks to my first linguistics lecturer for inspiring into choosing this course..because now i’m no longer lost in my thoughts, of what i’m becoming..

p/s: has it not wondered you a lot, that there’s only one purpose of languages, that is to make communication, so we could live our lives..they are made of different combination of alphabets, that if it makes no sense to you, it might make sense to some others at the other side of the world..and no matter how they look like, they remain to be the alphabets and languages..


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