ariff shah..

dear ariff shah,

you know, i get pretty tired when you talk about your never-ending crushes..

owh, and i get so sick when you update your twitter status with your never-ending blog promotion..

and when you posted something attention-seeking status on facebook over tiny little thing like ‘owh, my back hurts’ and people were pity-ing you, i always feel like telling the people this : ‘please don’t pity him..he’sĀ  just being lame..’

and when you get excited over planning things and predicting the future, i always know it’s not going to happen..

and please don’t let me say anything bad anymore..

but you know what, we’ve been friends for nearly 15 years now (and still counting unless you die..yes you, not me :p)..i couldn’t remember anything from primary school but i do remember some from high school..

do you still remember k.akma..?you remember how i used to be the unwilling cupid between you two..?

and do you still remember how horrible you looked with the golden-framed spectacles you wore in form 2..?

owh, this is sweet..do you still remember how you were appointed to be the leader for Muzaffar Inimitable Notion Developers and suddenly you needed to join a camp and you left me to work with Dzula..?and you expected us to win with little or no participation from you..?man..how could you..?em, you didn’t expect me to remember the full name of our team huh..?well screw you..

and, owh, you chose me to be the vice president for pembina..and towards the end, you and your fellow nerds knew there’ll be no pembina that would be produced but you never stopped me from telling the people to write all the reports..and i looked like an idiot you know! sheesh..

there was just so much history to write here..so ok..i’ll stop..but anyway, happy birthday ariff shah..wishing you all the best in the year to come..may your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors..and may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come..

p/s: no..i don’t hate you..don’t worry.. šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “ariff shah..

    1. begum~!!! b’day aku nx week..nk adiah..haha..

      weh, aku br blk road trip..rs cm lme gle x ckp ngan korg..aku rndu ko begum..t’haru x..?

    1. haha..thanx adinda..i just noticed you tagged me in one of ur entries..will do it soon šŸ™‚

      and, thank you for voting MIND..but too bad, we didn’t win..and even worse, majlis exco terus dibubarkan..hahahahaha..

    1. boleh kot sbb close friend..kalo tak rapat tu ade jugak yg ilang kawan bt cmni.. :p

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