i say what..?

i’m still holiday-ing..berehat-rehat dengan gembira..spend duit mcm duit setinggi gunung everest when the fact is it’s as thin as air..there’s an assignment to be submitted but i haven’t even think about it yet..the holiday mood is insisting to stay and refusing to leave..

i feel like watching more and more movies..marathon-ing grey’s anatomy..hang out with friends..eating out delicious food..and most importantly, being with my family..em..now i figured it out..i’m home-sick..i sooo need a winter break right now..come soon winter..so i can use the holiday to be with my family..


6 thoughts on “i say what..?

    1. tak2..aku may be g kt mak cik aku..tp xpe, aku tunggu ko dtg dlu hokeh..?ayoh poms..welly menantimu..

    1. hahaha..bkn dlu ko pn sme cm aku ke cik sha..kte suke memanjakan diri..bkn shopping..tp mkn2 lua..jln2..lepak2..even metro pn bleh jadi ok..haha..thank you anyway cik sha..aku gmbira ade kwn2 spt korg.. 🙂

  1. Weh. Balik la winter break. Will b back in malaysia early july.

    Anyways this is me commenting dari atas bas on the way to kursk. Blog ko ade mobile version.

    1. i really want to tp harusla kalo dh blk winter, summer x bleh blk..summer nnti nk attend majlis kawen acap kt tangkak 🙂 ko la, th ble2 th nk jenguk aku kt welly ni..

      haha..congratulations for discovering it ariff..so, good luck for ur games ya..take good care 🙂 see u again after winning.. *i’m being positive if u can’t see it (so amir xckp aku negative sgt)* 🙂

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