owh, seems like i was tagged in an entry by dear adinda (i dun know why i can’t insert her link, but here’s her blog : edna-sinn.blogspot.com ) it took me quite sometimes to notice i was tagged but it’s better late then never 🙂 so here it goes..

7 random things about myself..

1) i have fear for speed and heights..and i’m also a claustrophobic..*has this makes 3 already?*

2) my shoe size is 6.5 and it’s always difficult to find..

3) i have sensitive skin and teeth problem..and i have to stick with all the mild body wash and toothpaste..

4) i love cats

5) i don’t have colour preferences..i just don’t mind..because i think i like all colours..

6) i’m a dyslexic

7) i hate math 🙂

i should be tagging 7 more beautiful bloggers but let’s just make it this way..beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..and i believe everyone is beautiful in their own way..help yourself..do write 7 random things about you..

p/s: i just turned 23 yesterday and i would like to thank everyone for the wishes and i pray too, that all the good prayers will be answered..


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