of remembering names..

one of the reasons why this blog is quite quiet this past few months is..?i couldn’t upload any photo with any entry..i wonder if it’s the proxy setting of my internet supplier *because i’m using the university’s internet* or it’s my computer itself..?hu~i need help..

anyway, i was at a field the other day, being an umpire for a netball match..i was having a break when i saw the student attache came approaching..then she called out my name “yuyu, ape khabar..?” and i went “ou~she knew my name..when was the last time i spoke with her and introduced myself..?” as i remembered, i talked with her during last year’s open house at everton hall..that was the only time i introduced myself and talked to her..and she could remember me, despite the fact that there were 3++ of us here..and she’s new in Wellington too..

what i want to say is, i was impressed with some people’s ability of remembering names..most of them are teachers, and i wonder if i could do the same..

i still remember my feelings when one of my teachers in high school called out my name..i was in form 1, and the teacher didn’t even teach the lower form students..but he knew my name..in fact, he knew all the students’ names..i was like “mcm best plak cikgu ni tau name aku..”

you see, people love it when you can remember their names..tak rasa gembira ke bila orang yang kita tak biasa bercakap, ingat nama kita..?


4 thoughts on “of remembering names..

  1. haha. cikgu manekah yg ko maksudkan? ko je yang sengal tak ingat name orang. aku rse aku ok je. ;p

    1. haha..nape tbe2 ko nk tau ckgu mane..?sejak bile ko kesah..derr~~hati ropol2 la lu..rindu skolah ke..? :p weh, cube ko try ingt 30 org dlm ms 2 hari..boleh ke..?

    1. you should try..i mean to remember the names..esp when you’re among the famous ones..it’ll be delightful for some people, just to get someone they adore/admire to know their names..

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