of how you learn..

i used to blame myself for not reading enough books to be able to write a beautiful piece of writing..or not knowing infrequent-but-sounds-so-intellectual-words such as ‘arbitrary’ or ‘ambiguity’..but now i no longer blame myself for not reading books, because i know now it’s just how i learn language..

i learned today that your personality affected the outcome of your second language acquisition..i wont be writing all linguistics here, don’t worry *i’ll explain as simple as i could so you’d understand*..

the reasons for what i’ve become in my second language *my proficiency in English language* is the result of what kind of learner i am in learning the language..i’m the extrovert learner..i was eager to practice what i’ve learned, and eventually i practice what i need to communicate successfully and that excludes infrequent words such as ‘jeopardy’ or ‘egalitarianism’..or beautiful sentence structure..so my vocabulary tends to be limited..

the opposite of this learning style is introvert, the kind of learner who does a lot of thinking with the language..it will be easier for them to study the second language and they tend to be more accurate in their word selections *be it in writing or speaking* but they might become less fluent in speech..

so now i know why amir fikrie was soooooo damn good with his vocabulary and sentence structure..satisfied amir..?ans so, what kind of learner are you..?


7 thoughts on “of how you learn..

    1. em, i’m not up to that stage yet..haha..but if you actually use what you heard/saw to communicate, you actually acquire it, and if it doesn’t help you in language accuracy, trust me it builds up your fluency in that language.. 🙂

  1. sori lah yuyu. selalu aku baca je blog ko cuma sejak kerja ni terperangkap dngan rutin. balik penat makan tido. besok ulang bnda yg sama. 9 to 6 in my case.

    haha its an interesting thought really. i dont think i’ll use those ‘infrequent words’ or tried to have a ‘beautiful sentence structure’ unless its called for.

    to me at one time or another we’ll come across these words and structures but the problem is, we tend to forget them unless we manage to find significance in their existence; like i wouldn’t bloody care what egalitarianism actually means because there is no sense of urgency in knowing that. though i’m bloody sure i had already looked it up in wikipedia sometime ago out of curiosity.

    but it is important to know ‘jeopardy’ and ‘jeopardize’, which is to me a yet another way of categorically expressing ‘looseness’.

    and yes, i do agree in the sense that introverts do these things best because they harbour an above average emotional intensity. so they need multiple words and ‘sntence structures’ to express themslves to the world.

    ni mls nak tulis ni kn dah sounded nerdy.

    1. 9-6 wouldn’t be that bad..@ least xde assignment or test or exam to be worried about..life is not all about work tau amir..give urself some good time out of ur busy time..i’ve been busy jugak lately and i have plenty of stories to share w u but u kinda like miss it..d emotions dh tak sme :p we haf to catch up tau amir..weekend ke..cis la ko..mengabandon-kan aku..sob sob..

      amir, wut happened to ur blog..?when i was doing ur entry i planned to put up ur link, so people can see what i mean..haha..but when i tried, there’s no blog of urs to be found anywhere..

      and now i understand completely why you’re good with words..”harbour an above average emotional intensity..” haha..noted amir..

      anyway, bloging is always not the same w’out you..seriously..everytime i post up something i always want u to read it..ou~amir sila terharu skrg..haha..owh, aku dh penah ckp belum..?aku suke je ko nerd 🙂 susah ok nk ade kwn nerd..haha..*ampon~!*

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