of reading..

i’ve always detested reading probably because i’ve been reading jules verne’s, mark twain’s, frances hodgson burnett’s and endless series from enid blyton since i was small..i even read dad’s book about napoleon bonaparte and french history..may be i was swamped by heavy information a kid should not know that i now, refuse to read..

it was not that i didn’t enjoy the reading and was forced to read..because i remembered enjoying the adventure of ‘journey to the center of the earth’ despite the fact that i had to read little by little because i was a dyslexic..it’s just that, i think i have had enough..haha..can i say that..?or have i just made another excuse to hide the fact that i was simply lazy..?

well i think i am..i mean lazy to read *i was far from being a lazy person if you know me..i’m an aries-strongest evidence i could come out with..?haha..well aries are known for their perfectionism*

what i was saying again..?yeah, i was too lazy to read..you know i always see myself ‘as a person in loss’..i see people reads book while waiting for the bus, or waiting to arrive to their destination in the bus/train or sit in a garden just to read..*it has always occurred to me too as to whether or not they worry of missing the bus or their stop..haha..but that’s not the point* my point is, there was just so much to gain from reading and a lot of people have been doing it and enjoying it but why i still couldn’t do it..?!

i’ll be transiting in hongkong for 6 hours during my next journey and i wish i could use that time to read..i’d bring a book with me and i hope i WILL read it..

p/s: lelaki kt sini nampak kacak tunggu bas smbil baca buku..hu~



i’ve always wanted to be a multilingual so i took up french & japanese when i was in high school and if i were to keep learning those languages, i would’ve been able to speak four languages now..but yes, i didn’t :p

in linguistics class today we learned a lot about multilingualism and for the record, the number ofย  languages a speaker can speak was beyond my imagination..damn it of course i wouldn’t want to believe the number! the world’s record (i’m not sure if it’s a world record but i got it from class..hopefully my lecturer didn’t lie to us) is 58 languages! i googled the name of this world record holder but it didn’t match with the name i got from class, so, there went the number..the name was not that important..

oh! i was already impressed with the fact that Dato’ Mahathir Lokman could speak several languages and i considered him as a language genius but 58..?was he like freakingly genius..?was he born from a different planet or something..?

how believable is that fact..?come on..you’ll not frequently use one language over another so how could you maintain all 58..?my friend jokingly told that this person might die because of language overdose (Whittaker, 2010) haha..

here’s something i found from mr.google:

what do you call a person who speaks many languages ? Answer: multilingual.

what about two languages ? Answer: bilingual.

how about only one language ? Answer:ย  American. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can speak Greek; behold:

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, et cetera.

(Oh, wait; that’s Latin. Ah well.)


of being critical..

i never have any interest in politics because i perceive politics as ‘politics’ that you might know too..may be because i know too little about politics that i don’t really know politics in its scrutiny..but from what i observe and experience, i find politics as nothing but fraud, corruption, selfish and any other stigma people might associate politics with..i know, i don’t give a space for the positive sides of politics..because i choose to be critical about this matter..(there’s a strong connotation as to one’s nation & one’s identity here so that’s why i won’t be analysing this in great precision)..

but anyway, there’s a politician coming to wellington today and he wants to meet Malaysian students here and ironically enough i volunteered myself to meet him..

i just want to hear..and see..what he has for our fresh and unpolluted minds..


uncertainty: the origin

you know,

when there is black and white, there must be grey in between them..

like when you have big and small, there is always ‘medium’ where it’s not either big or small..

and if you like it to be witty, there’s always pink in between red and white..haha..

or ‘not sure’ between yes and no..

but that’s about it..more often than not, things are neither A nor B..that’s why ‘wait and see’ exists as a lexical item..


to be or not to be..

i didn’t know that linguistics was my ‘thing’ when i started my degree a few years back..it’s only recently that i become fond of linguistics..it’s not an easy course and it has been giving me headache all the way from the beginning..i don’t know how i get attracted to this particular course but i’ve been getting all the good lecturers so far and in some indescribable way, i find language as another form of magic – you might be the president of a big country but you turn into a complete fool when you start to talk with a stranger from a small, unknown country..language is the magic tool that helps you to not look like a moron.. ๐Ÿ™‚

i completed the enrollment today – for next trimester i mean..i was enrolled in 3 courses namely:

1) phonetics & phonology (advanced level)

2) sociolinguistics

3) applied linguistics in science and technology (advanced level)

however, i just found out (like 5 minutes ago) that course (1) clashed with course (3) in terms of the schedule..my coordinator would not let me drop course (3) for some logistic reasons *he said course (3) is mandatory, there’s no way of dropping it* and now i have to figure out, whether i want to substitute course (1) with another linguistics course (language change & variation) that’s quite interesting but the lecturer is not, or bring that course forward to next year..so if i do it like that, i only take course (2) & (3) for next trimester..

the thing with bringing that course to next year is, i cannot take phonetics & phonology because that course is not offered in odd-numbered years..but i can do another linguistics course which is psycholinguistics..as for psycholinguistics, the lecturer will be the same with course (1) *he’s so good in this course* and the content is interesting too..but i wouldn’t know with what mandatory course it will clash next..

aaa~!!! i hate dilemma..i need help..


of valueing your identity..

i was in class this afternoon and i was in awe towards the guest lecturer plainly because he’s British, he sounded like a genius and because he was an oxford graduate..he gave lecture on the connection between nation, race and multiethnicism and the first thing i noticed from him was “where he got his energetic gene from..?is he really british..?”

in multiethnic education class, one is required to keep an open mind to all the issues or subjects that we were discussing such as oppression and racism, inequality and misuse of power..we’ve been learning about human rights, looking at a lot of examples where humans or more broadly their ethnic group were deprived from equal rights..so i kept an open mind upon listening to the lecture just now..

we learned a lot of things today..about how your body (your skin colour, cultural make up) can be an excessive baggage when it comes to communicating with the broader society, how the national narrative can alter the imperial history and vice versa and how tolerance can be seen as ‘impossibility’..

i was so keen to today’s lecture and the lecturer’s enthusiasm was transferred to me too..he made me think of taking a second degree in international relations..he gave authentic examples of discrimination and described his theory of ‘assimilation of identity’ with great relevance and strong connections to reality..that’s why i was sooo hooked up..

after the lecture, one of my classmates approached me and asked if i enjoy the lecture today and of course i said i did..then he asked my opinion on some aspects of the lecture and foolish me, then only i realised, the way the lecturer conducted the lecture was way too open that he undermined so much sensitivity and made us questioned a lot of things, until no more questions could be asked because there is no solutions to any of the questions and eventually made us conform to discrimination and racism..

the lecturer was talking about how the western society imposed discrimination on ethnic minority and he actually helped me to conform to it and i didn’t realise it until one concerned guy from the ethnic majority made me..see, how subtle they could be in crunching our mind to accepting their ‘ideal’ way of living lives..

i couldn’t believe that i was so stupidly naive to take things so literally and not being critical about things that i should be critical about..and even worse, i didn’t know the concerned guy’s name..hu~but i will find out..but anyway, it feels good when you know there is someone who wants and can stand up for you..

at the end of the day, i was grateful that i learned all those things today..i learned a lesson of life..and i wish i could stand up on my own after this..and will help others to stand up too..


the sense of responsibility..

i’ve been whining over the workloads that i have to finish these couple of days..i’ve not getting enough time to sleep or rest but the works still looked impossible to finish..

so i continued my day as usual today, hoping that things will get a little lesser than what i’ve had yesterday..and that brought me to attending a group meeting for the last assignment to one of the courses i’m doing this semester..we’re discussing about the presentation part of the assignment (we haven’t submitted the 2nd assignment of this course, but we’ve already needed to prepare for the first part of the third assignment)..

one of my group member’s a married samoan man..he usually needed to pick up his son from school at around 11.30 am but today, he couldn’t pick up his son from school because he needed to attend our meeting at 11.00 am..his son’s a primary school kid i supposed..when we were arranging the date and time for the meeting, he said he might get someone else to pick up his child today but when i was waiting for all my group members at the library, i saw him coming with his child..he said to me his son wasn’t feeling good today so he skipped school..

the whole time during the discussion i couldn’t really pay attention because i did a lot of thinking for that man..haha..i was wondering why would he brings his son to his classes if his son’s sick..?shouldn’t he be resting at home..?and why he was a bit late for that discussion..?and he came by car..he rode to class if the weather’s fine..and the weather’s fine today..but why did he drove to school..?so i came to assuming that he made his son skipped school so that he could attend our group discussion and not worried about who’s going to pick up his son from school..and he drove because he needed to bring his son together..how could he cycles to school if he’s bringing his child..?haha..

my point is, he has got a lot more to worry than me..he has a job to do, classes to attend to, a family to take care of and plenty more details that only he knows..but me, i was just struggling with only one thing; my student life..i don’t have a kid or a husband to take care of, or nurse them if they’re sick and what not..i don’t even have to work for earnings..i just have to study and manage my time wisely so i have some spare time to work together with my friends to handle the club’s events..and why i still think they’re so hard to do..?! screw me..

here’s the thing, you just need to line out the things that you need to do accordingly so you have a better view of what needs to be done one after another..at least that’s what works for me..