the sense of responsibility..

i’ve been whining over the workloads that i have to finish these couple of days..i’ve not getting enough time to sleep or rest but the works still looked impossible to finish..

so i continued my day as usual today, hoping that things will get a little lesser than what i’ve had yesterday..and that brought me to attending a group meeting for the last assignment to one of the courses i’m doing this semester..we’re discussing about the presentation part of the assignment (we haven’t submitted the 2nd assignment of this course, but we’ve already needed to prepare for the first part of the third assignment)..

one of my group member’s a married samoan man..he usually needed to pick up his son from school at around 11.30 am but today, he couldn’t pick up his son from school because he needed to attend our meeting at 11.00 am..his son’s a primary school kid i supposed..when we were arranging the date and time for the meeting, he said he might get someone else to pick up his child today but when i was waiting for all my group members at the library, i saw him coming with his child..he said to me his son wasn’t feeling good today so he skipped school..

the whole time during the discussion i couldn’t really pay attention because i did a lot of thinking for that man..haha..i was wondering why would he brings his son to his classes if his son’s sick..?shouldn’t he be resting at home..?and why he was a bit late for that discussion..?and he came by car..he rode to class if the weather’s fine..and the weather’s fine today..but why did he drove to school..?so i came to assuming that he made his son skipped school so that he could attend our group discussion and not worried about who’s going to pick up his son from school..and he drove because he needed to bring his son together..how could he cycles to school if he’s bringing his child..?haha..

my point is, he has got a lot more to worry than me..he has a job to do, classes to attend to, a family to take care of and plenty more details that only he knows..but me, i was just struggling with only one thing; my student life..i don’t have a kid or a husband to take care of, or nurse them if they’re sick and what not..i don’t even have to work for earnings..i just have to study and manage my time wisely so i have some spare time to work together with my friends to handle the club’s events..and why i still think they’re so hard to do..?! screw me..

here’s the thing, you just need to line out the things that you need to do accordingly so you have a better view of what needs to be done one after another..at least that’s what works for me..


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