of valueing your identity..

i was in class this afternoon and i was in awe towards the guest lecturer plainly because he’s British, he sounded like a genius and because he was an oxford graduate..he gave lecture on the connection between nation, race and multiethnicism and the first thing i noticed from him was “where he got his energetic gene from..?is he really british..?”

in multiethnic education class, one is required to keep an open mind to all the issues or subjects that we were discussing such as oppression and racism, inequality and misuse of power..we’ve been learning about human rights, looking at a lot of examples where humans or more broadly their ethnic group were deprived from equal rights..so i kept an open mind upon listening to the lecture just now..

we learned a lot of things today..about how your body (your skin colour, cultural make up) can be an excessive baggage when it comes to communicating with the broader society, how the national narrative can alter the imperial history and vice versa and how tolerance can be seen as ‘impossibility’..

i was so keen to today’s lecture and the lecturer’s enthusiasm was transferred to me too..he made me think of taking a second degree in international relations..he gave authentic examples of discrimination and described his theory of ‘assimilation of identity’ with great relevance and strong connections to reality..that’s why i was sooo hooked up..

after the lecture, one of my classmates approached me and asked if i enjoy the lecture today and of course i said i did..then he asked my opinion on some aspects of the lecture and foolish me, then only i realised, the way the lecturer conducted the lecture was way too open that he undermined so much sensitivity and made us questioned a lot of things, until no more questions could be asked because there is no solutions to any of the questions and eventually made us conform to discrimination and racism..

the lecturer was talking about how the western society imposed discrimination on ethnic minority and he actually helped me to conform to it and i didn’t realise it until one concerned guy from the ethnic majority made me..see, how subtle they could be in crunching our mind to accepting their ‘ideal’ way of living lives..

i couldn’t believe that i was so stupidly naive to take things so literally and not being critical about things that i should be critical about..and even worse, i didn’t know the concerned guy’s name..hu~but i will find out..but anyway, it feels good when you know there is someone who wants and can stand up for you..

at the end of the day, i was grateful that i learned all those things today..i learned a lesson of life..and i wish i could stand up on my own after this..and will help others to stand up too..


2 thoughts on “of valueing your identity..

  1. yes yuyu, instead of waiting for anyone else to stand up for u and us (race/nationality wise), it is our duty to stand up on our own.

    nothing genius about a british coming from oxford. a singaporean from national uni of singapore can also be a genius if u knw what i mean.

    we should stop having the mentality tht whatever comes from the west is good. i’m not saying we should all be sarcastic, xmenerima, jumud, mengkafirkan diorg ape sume(nothing political here, mind u), tp as u said, we should all be critical. we must know how to be selective. =)

    1. yes..we must know how to be selective..and we should know that we are NOT the victims (in all situations) that we must be afraid of their power etc..and we are NOT powerless..i’Allah..thank you for dropping by poms.. 🙂

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