to be or not to be..

i didn’t know that linguistics was my ‘thing’ when i started my degree a few years back..it’s only recently that i become fond of linguistics..it’s not an easy course and it has been giving me headache all the way from the beginning..i don’t know how i get attracted to this particular course but i’ve been getting all the good lecturers so far and in some indescribable way, i find language as another form of magic – you might be the president of a big country but you turn into a complete fool when you start to talk with a stranger from a small, unknown country..language is the magic tool that helps you to not look like a moron.. 🙂

i completed the enrollment today – for next trimester i mean..i was enrolled in 3 courses namely:

1) phonetics & phonology (advanced level)

2) sociolinguistics

3) applied linguistics in science and technology (advanced level)

however, i just found out (like 5 minutes ago) that course (1) clashed with course (3) in terms of the schedule..my coordinator would not let me drop course (3) for some logistic reasons *he said course (3) is mandatory, there’s no way of dropping it* and now i have to figure out, whether i want to substitute course (1) with another linguistics course (language change & variation) that’s quite interesting but the lecturer is not, or bring that course forward to next year..so if i do it like that, i only take course (2) & (3) for next trimester..

the thing with bringing that course to next year is, i cannot take phonetics & phonology because that course is not offered in odd-numbered years..but i can do another linguistics course which is psycholinguistics..as for psycholinguistics, the lecturer will be the same with course (1) *he’s so good in this course* and the content is interesting too..but i wouldn’t know with what mandatory course it will clash next..

aaa~!!! i hate dilemma..i need help..