of being critical..

i never have any interest in politics because i perceive politics as ‘politics’ that you might know too..may be because i know too little about politics that i don’t really know politics in its scrutiny..but from what i observe and experience, i find politics as nothing but fraud, corruption, selfish and any other stigma people might associate politics with..i know, i don’t give a space for the positive sides of politics..because i choose to be critical about this matter..(there’s a strong connotation as to one’s nation & one’s identity here so that’s why i won’t be analysing this in great precision)..

but anyway, there’s a politician coming to wellington today and he wants to meet Malaysian students here and ironically enough i volunteered myself to meet him..

i just want to hear..and see..what he has for our fresh and unpolluted minds..


4 thoughts on “of being critical..

  1. haha. apekah? ko beriya nak salam ciom tangan politician bagai eh talat? tak payah la gedik2!!! ;p

    1. xde makna ok..aku kn host yg baik..tetamu dtg, harus la menyambut baik..baik ok aku..ko je yg salam je lebih..pastu ms org ckp tido..haha..

  2. aristotle and plato say a nation needs politics to survive, yada2, uff, i can’t remember my intro to pol facts that well lah. need to brush it up a bit. but anyway, i too detest politics. politics section in the newspaper will only be read if it concerns my place (as a student, youth, career, future employee, family issues or anything related) as a humble citizen. yeah, it’s true, not everything “politics” is bad. because politics itself means “office”.

    u hate politics because of the stigma, the stereotype that people build (about how politics goes) around us. it’s because our political scene in Malaysia is terrible. u knw, what’s with insulting each other just to get the worldly positions? and yeah, where newspaper is concern, they just materialize whatever their superpower (read: owner) would like them to publish. that’s y u see bias. mention this party that they (the newspaper) support, along comes a good pic of the politician hand-shaking some old man from kampung. mention this party that they do not support, along comes a picture of their politician with crook smile or hand angrily flying while giving speech (mulut tenganga macam singa). and the whole reporting is full of negative words to describe the deferred party. alah yu, u knw this when we learnt mass media in socio right? um. this is where being critical must take into work. being critical means being selective. i like where u mention that u want to see what the politician is offering. well, he might be the most annoying guy the (some certain) newspaper might portray him (note: i don’t know who’s coming. i’m neutral here. i’m not supporting anyone or any party. bukan being derhaka to negara, but i have my own reasons to do so) as u said, just listen to what he’s offering la kan? after all, there’s no wrong in being nice to a guest, yar?

    1. agree! ape yang kte baca kt newspaper or dgr kt news kt tv tu nmpak sgt bias-ness-nya..that’s why kte kena pegi dgr sendri ape yg politician tu nk smpaikan..

      mmg betul pn skrg ni politik kt negara kite tgh gawat, sbb non-bumis has no longer voted for BN..plus, even dlm bumiputra sndri pn dh berpuak2 *pembangkang + parti bebas* mmg politik msia perlukan support from the younger generations..

      but it’s quite hard for us to support bila tgk dpan mata ade kes2 maki2 dlm parlimen sume tu la..sapa nk jadi sebahagian drp kelompok org2 yg bergaduh mcm budak kecik dlm parlimen..?tak nampak matang @ mmpu memajukan negara kt situ..no credibility..even worse, no self respect among themselves..

      anyway, i’m neutral too..but if i couldn’t choose the best party to rule, i would choose the closest to best..

      it’s pretty sad and disappointing you know, ble the political scenario is falling apart..bila dh jd mcm ni, it’ll be way easier to keep falling apart, rather than uniting back..

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