i’ve always wanted to be a multilingual so i took up french & japanese when i was in high school and if i were to keep learning those languages, i would’ve been able to speak four languages now..but yes, i didn’t :p

in linguistics class today we learned a lot about multilingualism and for the record, the number of  languages a speaker can speak was beyond my imagination..damn it of course i wouldn’t want to believe the number! the world’s record (i’m not sure if it’s a world record but i got it from class..hopefully my lecturer didn’t lie to us) is 58 languages! i googled the name of this world record holder but it didn’t match with the name i got from class, so, there went the number..the name was not that important..

oh! i was already impressed with the fact that Dato’ Mahathir Lokman could speak several languages and i considered him as a language genius but 58..?was he like freakingly genius..?was he born from a different planet or something..?

how believable is that fact..?come on..you’ll not frequently use one language over another so how could you maintain all 58..?my friend jokingly told that this person might die because of language overdose (Whittaker, 2010) haha..

here’s something i found from mr.google:

what do you call a person who speaks many languages ? Answer: multilingual.

what about two languages ? Answer: bilingual.

how about only one language ? Answer:  American. 🙂

I can speak Greek; behold:

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, et cetera.

(Oh, wait; that’s Latin. Ah well.)


2 thoughts on “multilingualism..

    1. i don’t know either..perhaps that person works with UN or any big-multinational-organisation that requires him to translate various documents..i don’t know..but yeah..it shld be practiced..or else you’ll lose it..

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