of reading..

i’ve always detested reading probably because i’ve been reading jules verne’s, mark twain’s, frances hodgson burnett’s and endless series from enid blyton since i was small..i even read dad’s book about napoleon bonaparte and french history..may be i was swamped by heavy information a kid should not know that i now, refuse to read..

it was not that i didn’t enjoy the reading and was forced to read..because i remembered enjoying the adventure of ‘journey to the center of the earth’ despite the fact that i had to read little by little because i was a dyslexic..it’s just that, i think i have had enough..haha..can i say that..?or have i just made another excuse to hide the fact that i was simply lazy..?

well i think i am..i mean lazy to read *i was far from being a lazy person if you know me..i’m an aries-strongest evidence i could come out with..?haha..well aries are known for their perfectionism*

what i was saying again..?yeah, i was too lazy to read..you know i always see myself ‘as a person in loss’..i see people reads book while waiting for the bus, or waiting to arrive to their destination in the bus/train or sit in a garden just to read..*it has always occurred to me too as to whether or not they worry of missing the bus or their stop..haha..but that’s not the point* my point is, there was just so much to gain from reading and a lot of people have been doing it and enjoying it but why i still couldn’t do it..?!

i’ll be transiting in hongkong for 6 hours during my next journey and i wish i could use that time to read..i’d bring a book with me and i hope i WILL read it..

p/s: lelaki kt sini nampak kacak tunggu bas smbil baca buku..hu~


8 thoughts on “of reading..

  1. i’ve already started reading. but i cant read in a moving transport e.g. busses, lrts, car etc. But im reading on bed, before taking a bath and even now, i read ur blog even tho byk keje sbnrnye =P well dlm quran dah kate kan, Iqra’ =)

    1. wah~good for you.. 🙂 is that the change you’ve been meaning..? *sebok* haha..anyway, good to see you around..again..it’s been a while..

      1. hahah. nak kate kacak gak bace buku atas katil :p slowly changing lah. changes is a process kot. not a destination. i think. 🙂

        1. ahaha! damn it i know you won’t give this up..i’ve avoided to mention it..sengaja xnk mention ok..sekali die dh perasan sendiri..haha..

          xpe2..bleh la..ksk can..and owh, yes, i agree..good luck then..

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