the world as i see it here..

i’ve procrastinated to publilsh these photos sincle last week, so here are some of them..

one thing about summer: they love hang out outside the coffee shops..walking mall, belgrade..

this is used for navigation..it cannot be moved so i wonder how they used it..

main menu: beer & ice cream..what a combination..
souvenir stalls..since it's world cup season and serbia's in the game, most of them sell the team's t-shirt..and jerseys of course..
it looks like a trishaw but i've never seen it's moving..so, i assume it doesn't work as a trishaw..i've seen it closed..everything is folded, and the box is left where it is..the blue train is used to tour this park..let's see what's in this park..
main entrance to kalamegdan..*center of the park*
the place where the elderlies can dance, and still not feeling out of place..
photo exhibition..they display a lot of paintings, photographs and collages along this street..
the painting part..
here's the castle, north west of the park..
on your right is the first fort of the castle, and there's another layer of the fort on your left, by the river bank..there's another photo exhibition at the grassy area..
fore-front of the castle..not the main entrance though..
this is the main entrance..i guess..haha..
on the way back, i saw these groups of people playing chess..my brother would love to join them play..
eqyptian dance..they marched, then they performed..
there's a parade on our way back..at the walking mall..
they marched while swinging the stick..
kids joined this parade too..
sailor girls..?haha..i don't know..
the girls in baby-blue uniform..they need to bring their club's name or any identification so the tourists know who they are..
and they are the vampires..my aunt said.. :p

seeing around..

what i like about this country so far :

1) it’s summer – so i don’t have to wear bulky jackets to move around

2) it might sound a bit gory but i like the war-torn look..it looks historical, but not aging yet..how can i describe it..?it’s just, you can still see the destroyed building from the previous war, and you know these people have learned a lot that they now regretted creating the war..

3) owh the language..i now know a few words : hvala = thank you; ne mo = finished, not there; mleko = milk; jabuka = apple juice..haha..i got excited to learn those few words but i gave up when i could not pronounce longer words with complicated consonant clusters and Cyrillic characters..

one of the destroyed building..

this is tragical huh..?

p/s: these photos were captured from a moving car, so, pardon me for their imperfectionism..and, wordpress seemed like compressing these photos..that’s why they look weird..

but anyway, no matter how crippled a city is, it wouldn’t be that bad if you have your family around..here’s a few more photos..

like many other european buildings..

they have archers, and several other watchers on top of the building if you look closely..

will update more later ya.. 🙂


is it too much to ask..?

so i’ve been demanding quite a something from my uncle today and the only way i could think of to repay him was to cook dinner for the three of us.. 🙂 i made ikan asam pedas and chinese stir fry vege..

here’s the meal, captured with that something i demanded :p

there's togeh, pak choy & my all time favorite - crunchy carrot..

that's the ever popular vietnamese mint..cik dely, kt sini sepah2 jual..

that’s all for tonight.. 🙂 enjoy the dinner ya..


the smell of home, the warmth of summer..

it’s winter holiday and i’m making the best decision of keeping myself out of the cold-ness :p here i am, writing this entry, where cold weather just couldn’t catch me..yeah, it costs me some MORE production in melanin but nah~i don’t mind 🙂 i just want to be with my family, that’s my main concern..books and lectures and assignments and tests have been keeping me sick, and i come to the right place to get some remedies..

alhamdulillah, travel has been safe so far, and i pray He will always keep me safe in His watch..just some jet lag, but that’s normal i guess..i’ll be fine, God-willingly..

some photos from my short visit in budapest..

a museum, which i cannot say its name..

owh i have the name!

i wonder how this place looks like at night

there will be a month where they can go to all museums for free, because they have like 100++ museums in hungary only..

i love this part of the world for its variation of languages..i was doing my visa in serbian embassy in hungary..the person who processes the visa speaks hungarian, serbo croatian and english..when a few syrian arabs communicate with him, there’s a big language breakdown taking place because the visa person doesn’t speak arabic, but the arabs speaks hungarian and english with weird accent..and i was awed at how they managed to eventually understand each other..this place (eastern europe in specific, europe in general) is so rich, linguistically speaking..

owh, one thing about airlines (in general) that i love, they speak the language where they board from, and the language where they will arrive to, plus english..


of the wild things..

final week of the semester has always been rough on everybody..yes you read me right..everybody..and now i’m so happy, care-free, and eeeaasy because i’ve just finished writing the last assignment for this semester and i just can’t wait to submit it tomorrow.. 🙂

you know when you’re all messed up and things got a lot out of control and you just couldn’t help but thinking to find any means possible for you to escape, you tend to over-think of a lot of things..?for example :

you haven’t been getting enough sleep and your bones and muscles are sore and you feel nauseous and have no appetite for meal, you immediately think that you might have bone cancer..no~!

you haven’t been getting enough sleep (again) and you have plenty of submissions to do and the deadlines are queuing and you’re so tired and you know you’ll have a wonderful winter escape trip to look forward when you’re done with all those mess, you suddenly come to think that you’re not going to make it on that trip because the plane might crash! *nauzubillah*no way!

you’ve been doing a lot of writings and you think you kinda need some entertainment and watch savage garden music videos on you tube and the last thing you remember is cursing the singer *i don’t want to say his name eventhough it’s obvious* for wearing see-through, tight, blue, net-kind of shirt with tight, black, leathery-looked pants..he looks so gay that you wish you didn’t just watch the music video..and then you realise how gay-ly he was when he walks in one of the videos..damn it..

then you watch valentine’s day the movie starring your favourite werewolf and you realise that you don’t like him without his power but you’re still upset because you’re incompatible to him in any way, because you’re 23! and owh, your favourite doctor’s a gay in that movie..f4fish..

owh, and you’re afraid to sleep alone tonight because your housemate has gone back to malaysia and there’s no one there to keep you accompanied..

i told you..that’s too much of thinking..therefore, study and pressure that comes with it is bad..*shaking head*


yay! last class..

i was in class this afternoon and we were having some sort of ‘farewell lunch’ and everybody was there, including some unfamiliar faces i’ve never seen in class before..my lecturer congratulated some of us who would be graduating end of this year and as usual, encouraged us to proceed doing post graduate studies in education..it’s motivational and how i wished the sponsorship bodies were generous enough to let me continue my studies..huhu~

anyway, tomorrow i’ll be having the same kind of feast with my tutorial mates and my tutor approached my just now and asked if i could eat KFC because he wanted to bring KFC tomorrow..i know, i know..my tutor’s cool huh..? :p well he is..did i mention he’s a professional rugby player..?told you, he’s cool.. 🙂 owh, so i said i cannot because KFC was not halal here..he knew a little bit about halal food because he used to teach in Singapore so he asked me “do you eat Malaysian food..?” and then the whole class cracked hard with his question..haha..that was obvious huh..?of course i eat Malaysian food because i’m a Malaysian..then he changed his question “ah, do you eat mee goreng..?” and i said i do, but i cannot eat mee goreng if it is served with non-halal meat..so he gave up trying..well i said don’t worry about that because i will bring something halal tomorrow to be shared..and he kind of agreed..thinking it’s quite hard to cater for my special diet..just before we finished the feast, he came to me again and asked “man, can i like recite something good, and praise the God for the food, then can it be halal..?” well, he thought no one heard him but a few of us did and they laughed again..haha..he’s been trying so hard..eventually he asked me if there’s any malaysian restaurant that he could go to, to get something for me..well, that’s just the question he should’ve asked from the beginning..but anyway, thank you Arden 🙂

anyway, i wish i didn’t give any wrong impressions about Islam to my classmates..i hope they don’t think that practices in Islam are burdening its followers..what i’m trying to show is some sort of discipline, that Muslims are abided to and we are happy to be bound by such discipline..we prioritise cleanliness, and that’s why we only eat halal food..i hope they understand it the way i want them too..hu~i wish there are more muslims in my class..