yay! last class..

i was in class this afternoon and we were having some sort of ‘farewell lunch’ and everybody was there, including some unfamiliar faces i’ve never seen in class before..my lecturer congratulated some of us who would be graduating end of this year and as usual, encouraged us to proceed doing post graduate studies in education..it’s motivational and how i wished the sponsorship bodies were generous enough to let me continue my studies..huhu~

anyway, tomorrow i’ll be having the same kind of feast with my tutorial mates and my tutor approached my just now and asked if i could eat KFC because he wanted to bring KFC tomorrow..i know, i know..my tutor’s cool huh..? :p well he is..did i mention he’s a professional rugby player..?told you, he’s cool.. πŸ™‚ owh, so i said i cannot because KFC was not halal here..he knew a little bit about halal food because he used to teach in Singapore so he asked me “do you eat Malaysian food..?” and then the whole class cracked hard with his question..haha..that was obvious huh..?of course i eat Malaysian food because i’m a Malaysian..then he changed his question “ah, do you eat mee goreng..?” and i said i do, but i cannot eat mee goreng if it is served with non-halal meat..so he gave up trying..well i said don’t worry about that because i will bring something halal tomorrow to be shared..and he kind of agreed..thinking it’s quite hard to cater for my special diet..just before we finished the feast, he came to me again and asked “man, can i like recite something good, and praise the God for the food, then can it be halal..?” well, he thought no one heard him but a few of us did and they laughed again..haha..he’s been trying so hard..eventually he asked me if there’s any malaysian restaurant that he could go to, to get something for me..well, that’s just the question he should’ve asked from the beginning..but anyway, thank you Arden πŸ™‚

anyway, i wish i didn’t give any wrong impressions about Islam to my classmates..i hope they don’t think that practices in Islam are burdening its followers..what i’m trying to show is some sort of discipline, that Muslims are abided to and we are happy to be bound by such discipline..we prioritise cleanliness, and that’s why we only eat halal food..i hope they understand it the way i want them too..hu~i wish there are more muslims in my class..


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