of the wild things..

final week of the semester has always been rough on everybody..yes you read me right..everybody..and now i’m so happy, care-free, and eeeaasy because i’ve just finished writing the last assignment for this semester and i just can’t wait to submit it tomorrow.. ๐Ÿ™‚

you know when you’re all messed up and things got a lot out of control and you just couldn’t help but thinking to find any means possible for you to escape, you tend to over-think of a lot of things..?for example :

you haven’t been getting enough sleep and your bones and muscles are sore and you feel nauseous and have no appetite for meal, you immediately think that you might have bone cancer..no~!

you haven’t been getting enough sleep (again) and you have plenty of submissions to do and the deadlines are queuing and you’re so tired and you know you’ll have a wonderful winter escape trip to look forward when you’re done with all those mess, you suddenly come to think that you’re not going to make it on that trip because the plane might crash! *nauzubillah*no way!

you’ve been doing a lot of writings and you think you kinda need some entertainment and watch savage garden music videos on you tube and the last thing you remember is cursing the singer *i don’t want to say his name eventhough it’s obvious* for wearing see-through, tight, blue, net-kind of shirt with tight, black, leathery-looked pants..he looks so gay that you wish you didn’t just watch the music video..and then you realise how gay-ly he was when he walks in one of the videos..damn it..

then you watch valentine’s day the movie starring your favourite werewolf and you realise that you don’t like him without his power but you’re still upset because you’re incompatible to him in any way, because you’re 23! and owh, your favourite doctor’s a gay in that movie..f4fish..

owh, and you’re afraid to sleep alone tonight because your housemate has gone back to malaysia and there’s no one there to keep you accompanied..

i told you..that’s too much of thinking..therefore, study and pressure that comes with it is bad..*shaking head*


4 thoughts on “of the wild things..

  1. there’s no harm in doing too much thinking. henry ford said ‘the more you think, the more time you have’. but the point is, try to think about the positive ones onyl n those tht r consequential.

  2. hahaha! this is hilarious. especially the savage garden’s video viewing tu. i get that often too. ko blum tgk LFO girl on tv lagi. tu lagi ponin. i guess tu mmg style dolu2 la.. hehe.

    tp aku salu pk the positive rewards after all the mess ni. like holiday, vacation, family, money! (kumon2). don’t be too paranoid la friend. be cool. heheh.

    1. haha..frust kan poms..dulu2 kte tak pasan pn sume ni..skrg bile perasan rasa nk tembak mati je derg tu..adoi!

      i’Allah..everything will be fine..ko pn enjoy dtg auckland nnti poms..

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