the smell of home, the warmth of summer..

it’s winter holiday and i’m making the best decision of keeping myself out of the cold-ness :p here i am, writing this entry, where cold weather just couldn’t catch me..yeah, it costs me some MORE production in melanin but nah~i don’t mind šŸ™‚ i just want to be with my family, that’s my main concern..books and lectures and assignments and tests have been keeping me sick, and i come to the right place to get some remedies..

alhamdulillah, travel has been safe so far, and i pray He will always keep me safe in His watch..just some jet lag, but that’s normal i guess..i’ll be fine, God-willingly..

some photos from my short visit in budapest..

a museum, which i cannot say its name..

owh i have the name!

i wonder how this place looks like at night

there will be a month where they can go to all museums for free, because they have like 100++ museums in hungary only..

i love this part of the world for its variation of languages..i was doing my visa in serbian embassy in hungary..the person who processes the visa speaks hungarian, serbo croatian and english..when a few syrian arabs communicate with him, there’s a big language breakdown taking place because the visa person doesn’t speak arabic, but the arabs speaks hungarian and english with weird accent..and i was awed at how they managed to eventually understand each other..this place (eastern europe in specific, europe in general) is so rich, linguistically speaking..

owh, one thing about airlines (in general) that i love, they speak the language where they board from, and the language where they will arrive to, plus english..


6 thoughts on “the smell of home, the warmth of summer..

  1. awww… bestnye dah sampai rumahhhh..
    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. hehe
    hope u hv a blast time org sekampungku.. hehe..
    aci tak pergi rumah aku peluk2 mak aku.. rinduu~
    oh kim slm kt mak ko..

    1. cool..blaja d language amir..aku tau kemampuan ko..ko masih mmpu blaja another language amir.. :p

  2. mak ko tengah kat hungary ke yu? wahhh. patut la tak heran nak balik msia. hahaha. weh, nk tshirt!! jangan lupe!

    1. xde la..mak aku kt msjd tanah tu..aku g umah mak cik aku..aku xreti bace la comment ko tu..xfhm2.. :p

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