seeing around..

what i like about this country so far :

1) it’s summer – so i don’t have to wear bulky jackets to move around

2) it might sound a bit gory but i like the war-torn look..it looks historical, but not aging yet..how can i describe it..?it’s just, you can still see the destroyed building from the previous war, and you know these people have learned a lot that they now regretted creating the war..

3) owh the language..i now know a few words : hvala = thank you; ne mo = finished, not there; mleko = milk; jabuka = apple juice..haha..i got excited to learn those few words but i gave up when i could not pronounce longer words with complicated consonant clusters and Cyrillic characters..

one of the destroyed building..

this is tragical huh..?

p/s: these photos were captured from a moving car, so, pardon me for their imperfectionism..and, wordpress seemed like compressing these photos..that’s why they look weird..

but anyway, no matter how crippled a city is, it wouldn’t be that bad if you have your family around..here’s a few more photos..

like many other european buildings..

they have archers, and several other watchers on top of the building if you look closely..

will update more later ya.. 🙂


4 thoughts on “seeing around..

    1. you can actually view those photos in web page size tau amir..or u already did..?aku baru je discover..hahaha..

    1. ni baru serbia, belum iraq lagi..arini aku g amek gmba lagi..begum, d 3000 🙂

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