the world as i see it here..

i’ve procrastinated to publilsh these photos sincle last week, so here are some of them..

one thing about summer: they love hang out outside the coffee shops..walking mall, belgrade..

this is used for navigation..it cannot be moved so i wonder how they used it..

main menu: beer & ice cream..what a combination..
souvenir stalls..since it's world cup season and serbia's in the game, most of them sell the team's t-shirt..and jerseys of course..
it looks like a trishaw but i've never seen it's moving..so, i assume it doesn't work as a trishaw..i've seen it closed..everything is folded, and the box is left where it is..the blue train is used to tour this park..let's see what's in this park..
main entrance to kalamegdan..*center of the park*
the place where the elderlies can dance, and still not feeling out of place..
photo exhibition..they display a lot of paintings, photographs and collages along this street..
the painting part..
here's the castle, north west of the park..
on your right is the first fort of the castle, and there's another layer of the fort on your left, by the river bank..there's another photo exhibition at the grassy area..
fore-front of the castle..not the main entrance though..
this is the main entrance..i guess..haha..
on the way back, i saw these groups of people playing chess..my brother would love to join them play..
eqyptian dance..they marched, then they performed..
there's a parade on our way back..at the walking mall..
they marched while swinging the stick..
kids joined this parade too..
sailor girls..?haha..i don't know..
the girls in baby-blue uniform..they need to bring their club's name or any identification so the tourists know who they are..
and they are the vampires..my aunt said.. :p

2 thoughts on “the world as i see it here..

  1. having written all that, i think you missed one important point. where were these photos taken? belgrade?

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