three-sixty-degree (I): zagreb, croatia..

what’s good about croatia..?would you want to consider to visit croatia if you’re given a choice..?so here’s my suggestion..why not..?

there’s so much history in this country, from being a kingdom, to creating a union with Hungary, to creation of kingdom of yugoslavia, founding the second yugoslav and eventually becomes an independent country in early 90’s..

this country’s main attractions are the capital (Zagreb) and it’s Old City of Dubrovnik..much of it’s buildings & monuments tell the story of the previous wars from the history (17th up to 20th centuries)..

there are just so much information to tell and i don’t know which one should be told first..haha..so, it’s better for you to see this place first hand..:) owh, the currency, they use Kuna..

the cathedral; located in central zagreb..just a few meter walk to the centre square..
the square..

this is the background building of the square..not really a shopping mall, more like a business center..
it's a war worrior's statue..when this city was reconstructed, they changed the position of this statue..instead of showing/heading to hungary, it now shows the other way around..it's the statue of ban jalacic, riding a horse, in the middle of a war..

in front of the square..mainly the road is built for tramps but it's also open for other vehicles..so for those who are not used to driving on such roads, make sure you read the road signs carefully..
zagreb city from a higher point..at the back of the parliament/administration building..
it's a concert house..there's another concerthouse, just in front of this building..
here's another concert house..a bigger one..and more beautiful..
this place used to be a mosque..and during world war, the pillars were taken off from this mosque..the photo of the original shape of this building is exhibited at the new mosque..

the shortest cable car in europe..60 m..

the walking mall..look at the road/railways..

along the street..in the parliament area..

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