sink or swim..

praises to the Creator, for i’ve now arrived in wellington safe and sound..the school has re-opened, and it’s time to get busy and serious..i wanted to post a few series of entry about my previous trip to some European cities but i couldn’t find time for that..i was a bit busy restarting my life over here..i’ll write about it soon, when course-works are more demanding, that’s when writing a good entry is at its most intriguing..can’t wait for that time to come 🙂

all in all, i’ve had a very long and tiring trip to eastern europe..the travel time (including transit) were 36 hours and 15 minutes..but if i were to count the total time (customs check, luggage’s out, boarding, getting to the airport, getting home etc) it might have been something like 48 hours..and it took me 2 weeks, to get rid of jet lag..luckily, the trip was worth it..alhamdulillah..

so, what’s with school..?em..i was a bit determined to drop LING 324 (linguistics : language variation & change) before the start of this new semester..but when i got into this particular class yesterday, the lecturer captured my interest with the content of this course..and she got me into thinking, as to take or drop this course..huhu..

here’s the situation..if i were to take it this semester, i’m done with linguistics as soon as the end of this semester..so next year, i will only take two courses before graduating..i might not be able to take psycholinguistics that i wanted so badly, but no psycholinguistics means no exams to worry about..there will be another class tomorrow, so i’ll see if i can get the sense of belonging in that class..i just don’t understand, as to why i’m refusing to stick in this class..wuwu..


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