mild, medium or hot..?

i don’t know there’s this thing called ‘writer’s block’ which is a state where a writer just couldn’t think of anything worth writing..and i just found out that wordpress actually has this site, where it gives you some of prompts, so you can eventually produce something worth writing..so i’m trying it now..

owh, ok..what i did was, i signed up to that site..so from now on, i can just turn to that site if i really feel like writing but i couldn’t think of anything to write, and get some prompts 🙂 try it!

so what can i write about the prompt that i found interesting..?here’s the prompt “mild, medium or hot” .. the way i see it, this question is asking about my preference(s) for food..be it mild, medium or hot..and there’s no other way of seeing this question as asking about something else..guys might want to think question is asking about which type of girl would they prefer but nah~is there any mild type of girl..?you could look at it as asking about weather preferences but nah..i’m sticking to food..yum food 🙂

as an asian, specifically a Malaysian, i love hot food..imagine mee goreng mamak (indian style fried noodle) being mild..it is not as mouth watering if it is made hot..because the smell of the egg *from the fried noodle* is fishy enough to make you lose your appetite..therefore, the paprika/chillies needed to be ‘a lot’ enough to mask the smell and taste of the fishy egg..and some lemon as the finishing touch..

ok..imagine seafood..say boiled clams (all brothers and sisters of clams like big mussels and small mussels, fat mussels and skinny mussels, yeah, paua too)..ok say boiled clams..eating them simply with something sour like tomato sauce would be plain boring and stops you even before you’re full..what i suggest..?try chilli..that’s the secret..you should try frying the clams with 2 pieces of lemon grass, some tiny chillies (cili api), onion and garlic..and squeeze some key lime to it..then only you find the clams are never enough..of course there are more ways to enjoy clams and seafood with chillies but hey, try this simple recipe first..

owh, and my favourite masak lemak cili api (i give up translating the names)..you can use seafood or white meat to go with this dish but i would recommend grilled/smoked quail..combined with potato or some juicy and sour belimbing kecil *i don’t know it’s proper name in malay – it’s a smaller version of star fruit*..the combination of meat & coconut milk would be very thick in texture and bland in taste..thus, you need that belimbing kecil & chillies..the sour taste of that belimbing kecil masks the strong-meaty-taste of the grilled quail (but does not drain the sweetness of the meat) and the chillies bring flavour to the tasteless but thick coconut milk..to make the taste of this dish lingers longer in your throat, combine lemon grass with tumeric leaves in this dish.. 🙂

p/s: sorry i cannot upload any photos..it’s the university again..sobs..


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