fancy fencing..?

i always want to do martial arts but i know i’m not the kind of girl who can handle rough training, bruises and of course, a fight..i’d rather not involve in anything alike..i survived athletical trainings but no, i can’t survive rough, martial arts trainings..

but yesterday a friend of mine promoted fencing to all keen & interested VUW students and yeah, he just rang the bell to me..i think that’s what i’ve been looking for..so, i’ve got the form now, and may be i’ll submit it tomorrow, and start training this wednesday..i’ll need to share all the utilities but hu~just have to bear with it i guess..

i know i would have problem to train when ramadhan comes, but yeah..see how i manage to cope soon 🙂 wish i could handle training and fasting at the same time..

so, see if i find fencing interesting when i get to try it..


2 thoughts on “fancy fencing..?

    1. thanx 🙂 owh, and congratulations, you’ve gone public nowadays..please la allow comments plak pasni..haha..

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