so which way is ‘it’ again..?

owh i went crazy over the tiny setting thingy of this blog..i’ve been changing the fonts, deleting some media i didn’t use and bla bla bla..decorating in short and suddenly i found editing css script is not that hard..haha..believe me, you can’t trust me..i say it’s easy, but how come it consumed one whole afternoon of my day..? πŸ™‚

i talked to my housemate last night about what i want to do on our summer break this december and i can’t make up my mind yet as to whether to stay here in NZ and tour parts of south island that i haven’t covered yet, or go back to Malaysia and spend time with my family, friends and good food.. πŸ™‚

i was thinking..that, by staying in NZ over summer will help me saves up some money for future use..em, imagine how can i do the saving if i make that tour to south island..because i’ll need to pay for accommodation, house rent, groceries/food, transportation & souvenirs..*doing my math*..


if i go back to Malaysia, i will spend some money on flight and house rent..owh, are these all..?sounds like i save more if i go back to Malaysia! but, going back to Malaysia means i wont be able to go to those places with my friends..this summer will be our last summer here because we’ll go back to Malaysia for good next june..but anyway, i still have easter break to do the travel if i wish..owh well..

i want to go back because i need to rejuvenate myself..i need that short break with my family and closest friends just to prepare myself for the coming semester..this semester will be long and hard for me because seemingly i’m doing a heavy linguistics paper, gonna need to prepare for final exam, go for teaching experience and a summer course to attend to..therefore, a short, meaningful and fun break with my family would really help to re-create myself..

so, should i go back, or should i stay..?hu~

owh, i found this article this morning..i that’s why i really want Malaysia to be named Tanah Melayu..so they know who they are..help yourself, read it..and say what you think too..


2 thoughts on “so which way is ‘it’ again..?

  1. nyah, u just sounded like u prefer going back to msia instead of staying here in this post. so, what’s the point of asking for our opinions? haha.. πŸ˜›
    eh bkn kamu mau pegi south island august nnt ke nyah? sudah tukar ka?
    xpe nyah, org2 byk sponsor mcm ko nak blk msia bile2 pon bleh. nak blk msia blk la nyah. mak redha. sob sob.. tapi jgn sesekali kamu upload gmba mknn2 or aktiviti2 kamu kat msia nnt. bleh putus kwn! haha.. πŸ˜›

    1. mmg nk blk nyah..kalo ade duit lebih mmg nk balik..ko tak rasa ke, ble dh lme2 tak blk jmpe mak bapak, perangai semua org nk moody n cranky je..selalu awal2 tahun je semua pn nmpak vibrant and happy..kena ada la smngt cmtu utk maintain mood blaja *yeke?* :p owh, mmg plan tu ada..mmg nk g south bln 8 ni..tp g 1 tmpat je kot..that’s y nk pegi lagi summer, bleh cover yg lain plak..

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