i’m making a list..

i’ve just finished watching 2 movies in a row with my housemate..just to clear up this messy mind a bit..what’s been bothering me..?

1) suddenly i was informed that i have 5 meetings to attend to, and i need to arrange them so they can fit into my busy schedule..

2) i have accidentally picked up a presentation date on a very busy week..and, with not much time left, i have to change the topic, and start researching for it, from square uno..

3) as for another presentation, i didn’t realise the reading was the longest..and the most complicated..thank you william labov..

4) as for the nearest submission, there’s no more book available in the library that i can use for that specific assignment..so, any idea how could i finish that assignment..?

i am so officially married to linguistics..sorry guys..


One thought on “i’m making a list..

  1. wah. sibuknya awak. huhu. bagus2 sekurang-kurangnya awak ada benda yang buat awak sentiasa menggunakan masa dengan baik. hehe.

    good luck babe for alllll your presentations. 🙂

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