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it’s August and as a Malaysian, this is the month where we celebrate our independence..this year, it’ll be the 53rd anniversary of independence as of the 31st of august..in 53 years, humans could have produced the second generation of their breed, and as for the first generations, they should have lived long enough to be wise in every actions..they have seen more things than the second generation could have seen, they have experienced more things in their lives and more importantly, they should have learned more..

let’s look at what Malaysia have achieved so far..it’s true, we have moved from an agricultural and mining based country to getting more industrialisations going on..it’s true too, there’s a significant decrease in poverty rate per household andย  impressive rates of developments in education, health, infrastructure, communication, transport, industry and corporate sectors..

here’s a question, how successful are these developments..?


1) is education successful enough in giving the graduates suitable employment..?

2) what about providing good service in government hospitals..?

3) i think i’ve been to a village in sarawak, where there’s no electricity supply in it..not good uh..?

4) don’t you think the telco companies have been charging us a tremendous amount of unnecessary charges for their so-so service..?and yes, we pay because we don’t have much choice..and why there’s not much choice at the first place..?i’m not the right person to answer this..sorry..

5) i have to agree Malaysia has one of the best highways in the world and it’s improving its public transportation systems but here’s a question..are these facilities safe and clean..?come on Malaysians, we are the users, so it’s up to us to make it safe..and CLEAN..we’re a Muslim country for God’s sake..cleanliness is part of our faith, remember..?

6) and with the emerging industrialisations, why is it still not enough to help develop our economic growth..?where has all the money gone to..?ah~familiar with the word corruption..?we are not Greeks are we..so why we do that..?and again, we’re a Muslim country aren’t we..?

don’t get me wrong..i’m not pinpointing whose faults are those and who should be blamed..i intend to highlight what we could have done right..it’s a shared responsibilities so this is me carrying my duty, in opening some closed eyes..let’s make 53 isn’t just numbers..

i love my country and i’m proud of it..happy independence Malaysia..


4 thoughts on “of my country..

    1. malaysia needs people like me in it..dun you think..? ๐Ÿ™‚
      haha..harus la ingt..ingt ke lagu melaka jack..?kata skolah kt melaka..
      p/s: can’t believe it you googled “mynameisyuyu” haha..tettt~~~thanx for the visit tho ๐Ÿ™‚ ha..tak keja..main tenet..

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