a few notes..

wallpaper - friendship
friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of dissapointed love - jane austen

to a very dear friend: i could not tell what’s best for you to do, or explain why everything happens the way they happened..may be the best suggestion i could come out with is to be grateful with whatever you have, even if they’re bad, at least you can learn from those bad things, of what is nicer in every means..i’m nobody to say this to you but i say this as a reminder to myself too, as every human being deserves to be respected and accepted the way they are, not as who you want them to be..it’s human nature to be forgetful, so take this as a very humble reminder..

to c-11: it’s been 3 yrs now since we last gathered for buka puasa..it’s not that bad either undergoing Ramadhan and buka puasa over here, it’s just a bit different without you guys around..i miss the “unintentional silence” when it’s time for buka and everyone concentrates on their food..it’s like “ah nobody exists when i’m breaking the fast”..and it lasts only for a few seconds..then we’d continue the talking and evil laughs again..and now since some of you have got good jobs, you guys can afford breaking the fast at some good restaurants and yes, i envy you guys..i’ll be there next year so, i’ll ask for compensation and no rejection will be accepted..owh, what if i’m still here for honours..?gee~the next next year then..

to this person who’s been crossing my mind like so oftenly lately: i have butterflies on my tum tum..i like you..i guess..


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