of a legend..seriously, is it true..?

i’ve just finished watching Hang Tuah, a classical malay film about the legendary Malacca warrior..this story or legend or ‘hikayat’ was set during the reign of the Sultanate of Malacca, where there was a single structure and meaning based on a fundamental conception in Medieval Malay culture – of loyalty towards the ruler..he was described as a ferocious fighter who devoted his life to serve for the ruler together with four other friends (sworn brothers)..the conflict of this hikayat was when hang tuah was slandered for committing adultery with the sultan’s ‘stewardess’ and the sultan sentenced him to death without any trial..his best friend, Hang Jebat thought the sultan was being irrational and therefore he ran amuk around the castle and threatened to kill the sultan as a revenge for killing his innocent brother..when Bendahara Melaka told the sultan he didnot actually kill Hang Tuah, the sultan immediately ordered the Bendahara to bring Hang Tuah to him so he could ask Him to kill the wildly amuk Hang Jebat..as a loyal laksmana, he followed the sultan’s order, fought with Hang Jebat and eventually killed a friend who’s actually revenging for him..

i should be studying the language that was being used in this story but eventually i grew emotional with this story..if this hikayat was true, it showed nothing but ‘ignorance and irrationality’ of the Malays..it’s true, that one should be loyal and faithful to the ruler but as a human, it’s nature to be able to negotiate and compromise..and why didn’t they use all that..?

true, Jebat was at fault too, because he ran amuk and killed some innocent people to show his anger towards the sultan, but he did that to mock the sultan’s irrelevant decision of killing his brother..*to me there’s no different between the ‘irrelevant’ sultan and Jebat now, they were both irrational..but Jebat was seeking for justice! and why Tuah followed the sultan who had been cruel and injusticed to him..?urgh! what’s with Malay hikayat..?couldn’t they be more clever..?if anyone is to be the hero in this legendary myth it should be Jebat for he’s the only one who’s sensible enough to fight against injustice and wise enough not to follow a stupid ruler blindly..oh! my malays..

2 thoughts on “of a legend..seriously, is it true..?

  1. u know yuyu, people sell their culture through literature. the english sell Beowulf and Beowulf is a legend and legend all the way because he’s a hero who killed “monsters” i repeat, “monsters” and then became a king. my lecturer used to say that our culture could not sell our classic literature because of stories like “si Badang”. u know, the fisherman guy who ate the vomits of a monster?? i think Badang and Beowulf are just the same. they both encounter monsters. i don’t know about Badang, but Beowulf is surely a legend in the literature of the english.

    eh? ape poin aku. haha!!

    my poin is, sometimes legends and exaggerations come hand in hand. one could not survive without the other. idrk about the story of Tuah’s super loyalty, whether it’s true or not. but his loyalty seems to be an exaggeration. idk.i’m just saying. but i guess that’s how the malays were back then kot. very loyal. our trait. lolzz.

    1. i got you poms..we couldn’t sell our literature sebab hero kite agak disgusting, tak macho sbb tak bijak berfikir..senang cita tak nmpak mcm the “typical heroic heroes”..

      tapi, kenapa those literature kena jadi mandom mcm tu at the first place..?aku tak tau la nk fikir mcm mn, is it a foreshadow to who we are skrg..?mcm nk ckp, dari dulu lagi mmg org melayu ni tak bijak, tak bersih, tamak (like pak pandir and abu nawas)..

      anyway, if hang tuah is a hikayat, as in it’s a true story, aku ada rasa malu sket kat situ..malu dgn the royal institution, malu dgn org melayu jgak..knp royal institution yg sepatutnya bijak dan adil, jadi sgt gelojoh in making decisions and sgt injustice..malu jgak dgn org melayu sbb bertikam sesama sendiri..

      but anyway..they’re all our heritages..since derg tak bleh buat benda yg betul, kita belajar, and kita buat benda yg betul..at least they leave some linguistics materials for me to study.. 🙂 i love these heritages tho..

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