of being a responsible being..

see if you’re familiar with these types of people..

1) a person who does his/her work halfheartedly..

2) a person who expects someone else to finish his/her work..

3) a person who bosses around..

4) a person who takes advantage over someone else’s weaknesses..

5) a person who lazes around when he/she needs to be working..even worse, he/she would simply escape from doing the work..such a dodger..

so who are they..?

well, as they have been projecting such images, they are the people whose FIRST name are either lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful or dependent..

since they have been avoiding a lot of things, and have been making everyone else do their works, they can be called handicap because of their incapability of actually acting like a normal person..

the world would be a better place if everyone does not see his/her work as a burden but as a responsibility..it’s not that hard, if you’re really a human..


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