i masked things, you know..

it will not make me sound or look weak when i say what i want to say..it will not make me appear stupid in front of anyone..

it does not erase anything we’ve ever had..it does not turn anything into something regretful..

it seems true to me changes really mean what it’s suppose to mean; that changes make things different..

i know i’m a strong, grown up and an independent person..busy at times..but i’m not insensitive or ignorant..

i see everything and i’m seeing it too that there’s depreciation in value that we share in friendship..

you hurt me, yes, you read me..

i cried, i did..

for whatever it’s worth now, all the best, dear friend..


4 thoughts on “i masked things, you know..

    1. don’t worry ika, u did not hurt me in any way..
      p/s: good luck with the essay..let’s finish it!

  1. yu, i don’t know what really happen here, but in a relationship (friendship ke whatever), glitches mmg ada. we just have to deal with it and kalau perlu, just ignore je negative feelings yang ada. kalau salah, minta maaf. kalau betul, just keep quiet. one thing i learn about friendship is, kalau kite layan perasaan marah ke benci ke or any other negative feelings ni, kite jugak yang terseksa. org yang buat kat kita tu hidup happily ever after je. hehe. take care friend. =)

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